Top Sunrise Destinations of the World - Do Not Hit the Snooze Button

Top Sunrise Destinations of the World - Do Not Hit the Snooze Button

At home we'd probably be hitting the snooze button and dreading having to get up out of bed.

But when we travel it can be a whole different ball game because you'll probably want to set your alarm clock for pre-dawn and head on out to see the first light of day creep over the horizon.

There are so many special places to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, but here are a few that tick all the boxes for a enjoying a stunning start to your day...


Mt Sinai - Egypt

This is where your headlamp and sturdy shoes will come in very handy in the wee hours of the morning, because you're going to be climbing stairs and rocky pathways in the dark. You can get a camel to take you part of the way, but there's something about joining the centuries-old pilgrimage on foot that really adds to the drama and expectation. When you reach the top you'll be able to find a place to perch yourself on the rocks in time to see the sun start to spread its dawn glow across the valley. With the first rays of the day the freezing desert temperatures start to abate and a magical glow of red, gold and russet tones sweeps across the landscape below.


Taj Mahal - India

The Taj Mahal is one of the big reasons why people travel to India and it's one of the most popular World Heritage Sites in the world, for good reason, so the tip is go at dawn. Not only are the there less crowds, but the cool of the day is uplifting and it's a serene time to take it all in at your leisure. Sunrise is when this monument to love really puts on a most alluring show and the white marble glistens in shades of pink and purple.


Okavango Delta - Botswana

A safari walk at sunrise with a local guide is an absolute must in Africa. Wildlife behaves completely differently in the morning and this time of day offers the most glorious light for photography. If you're a little bit anxious about what's lurking in the long grasses, there're no need to worry. You'll soon realise that it's all second nature to your guide and you can relax and enjoy the moment. From waterside elephants and hippos to grazing gazelles and zebras, you'll be stopped in your tracks by the incredible experience.


Byron Bay - Australia

At the easternmost point of mainland Australia, Cape Byron the first place to feel the sun's warm rays. You'll easily find your own piece of paradise to soak up the experience somewhere along the 30 km (18 miles) of white sandy beaches in the region, or if you're feeling more energetic you can walk up to the headland for a stunning view out over the Pacific Ocean and surrounding hills. Then to top off this brilliant start to the day, head to a beachfront cafe and enjoy your eggs sunny side up, of course!


Machu Picchu - Peru

After trekking the Inca Trail for 3 grueling days to reach this point, your reward couldn't be more amazing. To be at Intipunku, the Sun Gate, and watch the ruins of Machu Picchu emerge from the mist below as the rays of morning sunlight illuminate the ancient site is spectacular, to say the least. The feeling you get as you see the ruins for the first time is indescribable, and there's a very special buzz in knowing that you are sharing it with those who have gone the hard yards to be here at dawn, before the train rolls in with the hoards of day time tourists.


Where else has made you jump out of bed before dawn?

Do you have any favourite sunrise spots to add to this list?