Top Late Night Restaurants in Mumbai

Top Late Night Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai has some great restaurants available, for all tastes. It's also a city that never sleeps, so food spots generally only start to formally close at around 1:30am, though some still remain open even later.
If you're a late night owl, or perhaps arriving in Mumbai on a late flight into the city, you needn't worry about finding a place to eat. Here's a list of Mumbai's top late night food joints that cater delicious food late into the night.

Top Late Night Restaurants in Mumbai

1. Bademiya

Without a doubt Bademiya is the most well-known eating spot with regards to late night eating. Generally known for its flavorful Kababs, Bademiya is a roadside joint with a scattered seating plan. Thus, at whatever point the Mumbaikars feel hungry in the middle of the night, this well-known joint comes as a salvage. The shop stays open till 4 in the morning and serves both veg and non-veg platters.

2. Sigdi

While this three-storied eatery in Bandra closes down shop by 1.30 am, its take-out section is open till about 7 am. So in case you're searching for a quick chomp in your taxi or car on your way home, or in the event that you simply need to request sustenance for a local gathering, this is your place. Even better, it's less expensive than some of the alternatives.

3. Bachelor’s

The name fairly recommends its character! Some standard clients simply swear by their frozen yogurts, milk shakes and fresh natural product juices. A night out close to this region would be incomplete without having some freezing and yummy ice-creams from Bachelor's.

4. Zaffran

Zaffran is one of the finest Mughlai eateries in the city that simply happens to have extended their menu to incorporate delicious Chinese and Italian alternatives too. It's the main spot we can think about that would serve Pink Salmon Tikka, Chicken a la Kiev and Rogan Josh with the same certainty and really figure out how to not mess it up! Obviously, the costs are quite steep, with some going up to 3-400 rupees for a dish.


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