Top Five Places to Escape the Cold

Top Five Places to Escape the Cold

If you live above the Equator, as it were, or in the northern hemisphere, to use the more scientific terminology, this time of the year is definitely not the best one for you.

Unless, of course, you love the cold, snow, and winter sports, case in which you have probably been waiting for this time of the year to come for months.

However, even if you belong to the latter category, you could still use a change of pace, scenery and weather—so why not explore the top five locations to travel to, south of the Ecuator? There are many great opportunities for fun that you can explore, while others are freezing in their boots back home.

So start packing, get cracking on finding hotels, take out that travel insurance and get ready for unexpected fun in the sun.


1. Barbados

For many around the world, Barbados is a fantasy island, with white sandy beaches, vast expanses of azure waves and endless opportunities for fun to be had round the clock, whether it’s about exploring nature, or achieving that perfect sun tan or clubbing until the break of dawn.

The island has beaches to two, not one, seas, and it is perhaps the most colorful place you will see in the whole wide world.

If you want history, delve into the so-called seven wonders of Barbados, which include Harrison’s Cave, the ‘magical’ Baobab Tree, the historic Jacobean Mansions, the Morgan Lewis Mill, the Jewish Synagogu, Cannon Galore or the Citrus Paradise, an oh-so typical sight for the Caribbean.


2. The Maldives

The Maldives are a paradise location, and an oddity from a geological perspective, situated in the midst of the Indian Ocean. They comprise several ancient coral reefs that developed around the prehistoric volcanoes in the area. The volcanoes can no longer be seen, but the reefs and the islands themselves are a wonderful opportunity for combining simplicity and luxury, modernity and tradition.

Male is the part of the Maldives which is unabashedly modern, while the Southern Atolls are the idyllic paradise that you always knew the Maldives to be. Don’t forget to take out travel insurance when visiting the Maldives. In recent years, the country has seen its fair share of disasters, including the El Nino hurricane. Nowadays, it’s in full developmental flux, with new luxury resorts popping up every other month or so.


3. Australia

With images of Santa Claus riding a surfboard on everyone’s mind, it’s easy to visualize Australia as the perfect place to enjoy a reversed winter. Indeed, Christmas in Australia falls at the height of winter, and Australian students refer to the Christmas holidays as the summer holidays.

However, there is a fair degree of variety to Australian weather, which will keep things interesting, depending on the time of the year during which you choose to visit the country. It all greatly depends on the Australian region you choose to visit—there are areas which offer superb skiing tracks, while others, such as the tropical regions, only have two seasons, commonly referred to as the wet season and the dry season.


4. Brazil

Brazil is a large country, and it’s also a South American country, which translates into two advantages for tourists and travelers. First of all, there is a wide variety of leisure opportunities readily available. Secondly, the country is vibrant and wild, characterized by passion and joie de vivre.

Of course, the most famous event is the Carnival in Rio, but there is also lots of fun to be had at any beach in Brazil, be it in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Wildlife enthusiasts will surely revel in the prospect of taking a trip down the Amazon River, while luxury tourist resorts continue to emerge around the country.


5. Argentina

Argentina is famous for many things, including its concept of the ‘gaucho,’ a sort of local equivalent to the cowboy, its wildlife and its superb music and dancing. There is no better place to learn the tango that the Argentinian northwest and its capital of Buenos Aires.

However, there are plenty of other things you can enjoy in this country below the Equator, some of which you probably never imagined—such as a trip to Antarctica.

If you choose to go down a more frequently traveled route, such as a trip to Buenos Aires, you will be delighted with the local cuisine, music scene and party life. For wonderful explorations of the outdoors, there is no better place that the Lake District, or the Tierra del Fuego.


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