Top Five Cheap Eats in NYC

Top Five Cheap Eats in NYC

NYC is expensive enough to stay overnight without paying for the rest of your entertainment!  If you're a big foodie and you like to save money, hit all five of these places!  

You won't be disappointed.

Xian Famous Foods, 88 east Broadway or 81 St Mark's Place - Get the D1!  At just $6, it's a lamb and hand pulled noodle dish seasoned to absolute perfection.  Caution: You must like spicy foods!  Other great options are the cold noodles and the lamb burger - exceptional flavor for a very low price. This is Anthony Bourdain's favorite "Hidden Gem" restaurant, but it's not really hidden anymore.

53rd and 6th Halal Cart, 53rd and 6th - look for the "Halal Guys" logo - $6 for two meals.  If this place isn't on the cheap eats list for NYC in your guidebook, throw it away because that thing is USELESS!  Ask for extra white sauce and (if you like it hot) extra red sauce.  Get the Mixed Plate; copious amounts of chicken and lamb piled high atop flavorful, fluffy yellow rice, with a salad.  For $6!  Yes, $6!

Mamoun's Falafel, 119 MacDougal St or 22 St Mark's Place - $2.50 for one of the best falafels in the city.  Buy two and keep one in your bag for later.  

El Agulia, 137 E 116th St - It's my personal mission to let everyone know about the beautiful Tongue Taco at El Aguila.  At $2.50 ($3 with cheese), it's my favorite taco in the city and one of the cheapest.  The salsa they have there is AMAZING!

Banh Mi Saigon, 198 Grand St - Used to be based in the back of a Jewelry store, but they just got a new location due to popularity.  At $3.50, the Roast Pork Banh Mi is my vote for best value in the entire city.  Do not miss this on your trip to NYC!

Look me up when you're here!  I love to host culinary tours for world adventurers!  Cheers!