Top Cafes and Coffee Shops in London

Top Cafes and Coffee Shops in London

London is a great place to find a new and delicious coffee spot. Why?

Because every few steps, especially within central London, will bring you to the front of a new café. Once you have booked your ticket to London and found your accommodation in London, it’s now time to go for a delicious cup of coffee.

Here are our top picks.


Top Cafes and Coffee Shops in London

Peggy Porschen Cakes

This chic cake and coffee shop in the heart of London is a great place for a hot cup but also for that perfect Instagram shot. The cake shop was opened in 2003 by an award-winning cake designer who also happens to be an author, Peggy Porschen along with her husband. Today it’s hard to get through the front door, it’s just that popular!


Coffee Island

This is the first Greek coffee chain in London which contains five coffees on its menu and each of these can be created via a variety of brew methods including Chemez, V60, Aeropress, syphon and even hot sand for creating Turkish style coffee. 


Dark habit Coffee

Located in West London’s Queens Park, this coffee place makes delicious specialized coffee and the interiors are gorgeous with dark Iroko wood from Nigeria as well as an exposed wood ceiling.



This coffee shop is inspired by the coffee culture found in Australia and New Zealand and is an independently owned espresso bar located in two locations within London.


Flat White

They serve Australian style coffee as well as New Zealand classics here and the crowds flock to this popular coffee shop in the heart of Soho.