Top Best 3 Adventures You Can Enjoy in South Korea

Top Best 3 Adventures You Can Enjoy in South Korea

South Korea is not a big country and there are no big mountains or rivers in South Korea. Straight distance from end to end of South Korea is about 450km which is 4~5 hour driving. And also South Korea’s big cities are surrounded by concrete jungles like big business buildings, apartments, department stores, and etc.

Moreover the concept of adventures in South Korea is still new.

However adventure tours are being developed and up-rising by westerners and few Koreans and those trips are getting popular more and more.

South Korea has four seasons like spring, summer, fall, and winter so you can expect various adventures for each season like bike, kayak & camping, swimming, rock climbing, surfing, trail running, skiing, and etc.

As I said South Korea is a small country, which means you can get to the national parks, mountains, rivers, and oceans so easily on the other hand. You can be in outdoor by bike, subway, express bus, or driving and it takes half of hour and up to 2~3 hours. It could be really easy access to adventures if you have correct information.


So let me introduce top 3 best adventures you’d like to challenge:

Bike Adventures

Korea government developed a bike network over 3 years, and now Korea is one of the best countries, which has the most amazing bike network. You can go everywhere in Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea, and even you can cross 640km whole South Korea through that bike path. If you are big fan of up hills and down hills, you can go to Gangwon Province for mountain biking, which is a big mountain range in South Korea.


Sea Kayaking & Camping Adventures

South Korea is a peninsular country, so South Korea is surrounded by oceans and has rias coast, which means South Korea is a really good place for sea kayaking. Plus there are two Marine National Parks at the West Sea and the South Sea of South Korea. There are lots of uninhabited island in those Marine National Parks, so that you can enjoy remote island hopping by sea kayaking and carrying your tents and food for overnights on remote islands.


Backcountry Powder Skiing Adventures

Because of climate changing all over the world, Korea has more snowfall during winter compared to the past. And there are two best spots where you can totally enjoy backcountry powder skiing in South Korea. One is Ulleung Island which was introduced as one of the world’s best secret islands by Lonely Planet. Ulleung Island is a volcanic island and has 4m powder snow during winter. The other one is Mt.Halla in Jeju Island, which is the highest mountain (1950m, 6400ft) in South Korea and also a volcanic mountain.


I think every country has its own beauty and attractions. Size of the lands and mountains is not a matter.

I believe South Korea has its own beautiful nature and unique adventures. There are more adventures in South Korea, so please come and join some adventures and help South Korea to boost adventure trips and develop more various adventures.

It is time to discover South Korea!


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