Top Attractions You Must Visit While In Malta

Top Attractions You Must Visit While In Malta

If you are planning a trip to beautiful Malta in Southern Europe, know that you will be visiting a place that is full of rich, historic beauty and quaint, old world charm.

It is a densely populated country comprised of many little towns that blend together into one big country full of breathtaking scenery that is certain to provide you with a trip to remember.

As you plan your vacation to this beautiful country and are exploring the wide variety of Malta travel tips, hopefully the following list will help you with your travel itinerary.


1. Grand Harbour, Valletta.

While you are experiencing Malta travel, you must make a point to visit Grand Harbour, Valetta. This beautiful harbour will take you back to ancient times with its naturally made splendor and charm. Grand Harbour, Valetta is one of the most visited places in Europe and it contains many unique hotels for lodging and breathtaking sights to absorb.


2. The Tarxien Temples.

No trip to this European country would be complete without a visit to The Tarxien Temples. Although The Tarxien Temples were built between 2500 - 3000 BC, 3 of the 4 temples in all of their architectural glory have held up quite well through the years. The Tarxien Temples are a must see for any visitor of Malta.


3. Mdina.

If you want to explore a town full of unique, ancient architecture, you must make a stop in Mdina while vacationing in Malta. Mdina is known as "the silent city" because vehicles are prohibited from entering this historic and narrow street lined town.


4. Gozo.

While on your European vacation, a half hour's ride on a boat will take you to the beautiful island of Gozo. This small island will instantly transport you to a more laid back time when sleepy villages and vast, open countrysides were where most people lived.


5. Comino and the Blue Lagoon.

Comino is the perfect Malta travel destination if you desire to experience crystal blue waters.This beautiful island is home to the Blue Lagoon which is a watery paradise that is the best place in the Mediterranean to experience marine time fun.


Travel tip shared by Julia Smith