Top Attractions in the Dominican Republic

Top Attractions in the Dominican Republic

Located where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic boasts of a beautiful tropical coastline, where stunning beach resorts nestle comfortably in among dense palm groves, surrounded by sugary white sand.

With average year-round temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, the coastline has an abundance of sandy beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs, and the beaches here are really ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming, where clear-blue waters gently lap onto the soft powdery sand.

But away from the shores there's plenty to discover, and whilst southern inland cities like Santo Domingo display an excellent well-preserved colonial architecture hundreds of years old, there's a diverse range of natural landscapes to explore on this beautiful island, from steamy forests, fertile valleys and, when you want to relax a bit, take a refreshing stroll in the mountains.


Top Things to See in the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata

The 'Silver Port' founded in 1504 during the age of galleons and pirate treasure, boasts some of the finest beaches and colonial architecture in the Caribbean Islands. It's the largest city in the north of the island and features many historical and cultural attractions, particularly its 16th century and Victorian architecture. The nearby Amber Museum, the Brugal Rum Factory, and the Mount Isabel de Torres National Park all make ideal excursions.


Playa Dorada

13 miles of clean sandy beach set among lush green vegetation gives Playa Dorada a soothing atmosphere of unspoiled beauty. But in among the natural splendor nestle more than a handful of all-inclusive beach resorts, all set in developments sympathetic to the local environment. Facilities and amenities are excellent here, water sports are bountiful, and the open-air Playa Dorada Mall consists of a multitude of stores for all kinds of shopping which makes excursions in Puerto Plata thrilling.



Cabarete is a lively town that is internationally renowned as a center for windsurfing. There's also an abundance of both daytime and night time activities and this, combined with the stunning picturesque setting, tropical climate and warm waters, should provide the perfect holiday base whether you spend your time on the beach, in the sea, or both.


Samana Bay

Samana Bay boasts beautiful transparent blue waters, miles of unspoiled beaches, and dozens of caves, and is, therefore, a wonderfully romantic paradise. This breathtakingly pretty village was first settled by American slaves in the early 1800s, however, nowadays it's better known as one of the best places to spot humpback whales as they pass by in huge numbers during their winter migration.


Cofresi Beach

This is a picture-perfect sandy bay with shallow turquoise waters and a palm-fringed beach. The beach is overlooked by lush tropical greenery and rolling hills, making this a terrific base for a tranquil and relaxing stay.


The Dominican Republic has all the elements required for a paradisiacal holiday: soft sandy beaches, shallow turquoise waters, lush tropical greenery and outstanding natural beauty.

Add to that year-round hot weather and a friendly welcome, and you can see why the Dominican Republic is becoming a more and more popular holiday destination every year.