Top 9 Things to See in Kaliningrad in Spring and Summer Time

Top 9 Things to See in Kaliningrad in Spring and Summer Time

Spring is just around the corner in Kaliningrad and summer is coming soon!

Let’s prepare for travel season in Kaliningrad with Top 10 Perfect Things to See in Kaliningrad in spring and summer time.

Spring or summer is just the right time for vacations and travelling abroad.

Those who are interested in Russian lands, adore Russian history, sightseeing will be glad to find themselves in the isolated part of Russia, which was previously Prussian and German – Kaliningrad Region. Those who would love to plunge into fresh, not very hot, but warm Kaliningrad summer, will be delighted to have a good rest in hostels, hotels, boarding-houses, resorts in the towns of Kaliningrad – Yantarny, Baltiysk, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Pionerskiy by the Baltic Sea and two spits – Curonian and Baltic.

The water in the Baltic Sea is not like in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Seas. It’s +16 +20 and you can really cool yourself down. This option is fantastic for those who feel uncomfortable with hot Turkish or Egyptian sun and water.

Sightseeing in spring, sightseeing and relaxing lying on the Baltic beach in summer can be your favourite pastime when you’re in Kaliningrad. So, it’s clear with the Sea – you can just book a hotel in one of the resort towns and enjoy hanging out, breathing fresh air, walking, getting sun and swimming.

With sightseeing it can be another way: some travelers are bothered with the questions - what to choose, where to see, what to visit.

Here’s to help you:

Top 9 Things to See in Kaliningrad in Spring and Summer Time

- Fish village together with Yubileyny Bridge, with a view on the Pregel River and Kant’s Cathedral

- ‘Koenigsberg’ Zoo and Park, Queen Luiza’s Church

- Holy Family Church – present Concert Hall

- Open site of the Museum of Kaliningrad Railway History at the South station

- Botanic Garden

- The Upper Lake and Park ‘Yunost’

- The Lower Lake with the Marinesco statue

- Fort 1 (Shtain)

- Amber Museum with the inner yard of Dohna Tower

- And you can add the list of things for sightseeing that can be visited in winter time at:

Enjoy Your Stay in Kaliningrad in Spring and Summer Time!
See you!

Written and contributed by Olga


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