Top 9 Small Towns to Visit in Europe

Top 9 Small Towns to Visit in Europe

For once, forget about Berlin’s crazy nightclubs, Amsterdam’s wild parties and Prague’s musical nights!

It’s time to celebrate serenity while witnessing the charm of the most mesmerising and eye-catching destinations in Europe.

Here are top 9 small towns in different countries of Europe that you must visit to understand the true meanings of Beauty!


Top 9 Small Towns to Visit in Europe

1. Manarola, Italy

Situated along the Mediterranean Coast, this town of colourful houses portrays a gorgeous scene of the rainbow. Famous for its delicious Sciacchetra wine and incredible paintings of Antonia artist, this fishing town is clean of cars’ smoke and horns’ noise. You may drive to Manarola, but to enter, you will have to park the vehicle outside the town. Either walk or use shuttle buses to get around in this vehicle-free town! If you love wine, then make sure to include a wine tour in your itinerary.


2. Reine, Norway

Let’s take you to a beautiful small town of Norway that allows fishing in a tranquil environment. Rightfully voted as Norway’s most beautiful village, Reine is populated with just a little over 300 people. Fishermen’s small cabins have been transformed into red cosy cottages for visitors to let them enjoy the calm waves of the Norwegian Sea and glittery northern lights.


3. Colmar, France

If you want to witness the true blend of German and French culture, visit this Alsatian village called Colmar. It’s also known as ‘Little Venice’ because of the waterways that flow through its medieval streets. From German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque, this beautiful town of France offers various catchy architectural styles to see. And yes, don’t forget to taste its crunchy Croissants and mouthwatering Foie gras! Join a cultural tour of Colmar to truly experience the local culture of this region.


4. Hallstatt, Austria

Originally established in 5000 BC, this oldest settlement of Austria is no doubt a picturesque town! This prehistoric salt mine village is situated on the west shore of Hallstatt lake. It’s a storybook town describing the ancient history of humans. There are several tours of Hallstatt that you can join, with many starting from Salzburg.


5. Albarracin, Spain

Would you like to go back in time to the 11th century? Let’s visit this well-preserved town of Spain that is exhibiting the medieval architecture of chapels, castles and towers. 


6. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Having no roads or streets and only connected by a network of narrow water canals, this Dutch village is no doubt a dreamy place to visit! Residents of Giethoorn use punts to get around the town because motor vehicles are parked outside the town. I say, get away from the noisy cities and try the tranquillity of boating at least once in your lifetime! If you're staying in Amsterdam, make sure to make a day trip out to Giethoorn.


7.      Folegandros, Greece

This small island is neighboured by Santorini and presents solid buildings that are whitewashed and decorated with gorgeous blossoms. Folegandros has slate paved streets and ancient Greek Orthodox churches with blue domes. Being a visitor, you may also enjoy the calm shiny waves of the Aegean Sea that touch the smooth sand of Katergo beach.


8. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Located in the South Bohemian region of Czech Republic, this medieval town is certainly a hidden gem and waiting to be praised by its visitors. It has been established around a castle that was built in the 13th century and exhibits the architectural style of Renaissance and Baroque. You can easily take a day trip to Cesky Krumlov from Prague.


9.      Gruyeres, Switzerland

The stone paved streets and 13th-century castle make this town a living picture of medieval ages. When you visit this charming town to witness its scenic beauty, don’t forget to taste its famous nutty flavoured cheese.


In short, apart from the appealing Eiffel Tower in Paris and ancient Colosseum in Rome, there are many hidden gems in Europe waiting to be discovered!