Top 7 Adventure Activities to Try in Singapore

Top 7 Adventure Activities to Try in Singapore

Planning to go on a Singapore trip but wondering what you will do there? There is no need to worry. Try some exciting sports and adventure activities that you will remember forever.

From sky-jumping to midnight safari, there is a never-ending list of daring activities to experience in Singapore.


Choose one of these exciting activities to try in Singapore:

1. Indoor Sky Diving

Do you want to go sky-diving? Just go crazy by jumping from a height of 10, 000 feet. Go body-flying in the world’s biggest wind channel for inside skydiving for a run. It is one of the most thrilling and daring things to do in Singapore.


2. Water Adventure

Another most daring activity in Singapore is visiting the theme park. Here you will pass through 14 themed areas containing a misty forest garden. Snorkel over a bright coral reef with many colorful fish or experience the adrenaline pumping while navigating down the hydro-magnetic shores.


3. Formula One Adventure Sport

Refresh your mind and feel the power of a Ferrari while driving at Singapore’s Formula One circuit. Cruise along this turbo charged adventure for a few terrifying laps. It is one of the most exhilarating activities to enjoy in Singapore.


4. Forest Obstacle Fly-over

Let loose your inner Tarzan, surmounting obstacles ranging from bridges and fluctuation trapezes to shaky logs and hang nets. Not to speak of an astonishingly long zip-line that makes you fly over a reservoir. 


5. Reverse Bungee Jumping

Participate in reverse bungee jumping, which you can enjoy at Clarke Quay, one of the most daring sites in Singapore. Experience a gravitational power similar to a rocket launch. Reaching an altitude of 60 m with a pace of 200 km/h, this thrilling activity in Singapore is not meant for the weak of heart.


6. Night Safari to See Animals in their Natural Habitat

Night Safari is one of those places in Singapore popular for the numerous species it houses. Visit the zoo and see over 2500 animals in habitats close to their natural surroundings. Night Safari is the best night activity to enjoy in Singapore. From the rocky Himalayan Foothills to the marshy banks of the Asian Reverie Forest, your moonlight tour will be extremely memorable.


7. See the Entire City from the Singapore Flyer

In the middle of the night activities to enjoy in Singapore, the landscape from the Singapore Flyer is truly beautiful. Spend some time at a dramatic 165 m height above land and enjoy the clear view from the Singapore Flyer.


If you are visiting Singapore to enjoy a vacation, then you must try some of the adventurous activities that the destination has to offer.