Top 5 Travel Destinations in Canada

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country that can get you hooked instantly! The non-artificial lifestyle of Canadians, their friendliness and the wonderful nature they’re surrounded by can be all mesmerising to say the least!

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Let’s now take you through top 5 travel destinations in Canada.

The far north area of Canada

Canada’s northern region’s a favourite of many travellers. People fall in love with the beautiful highways including the Alaska Highway, the Dempster Highway, the Cassiar Highway and others. Yukon’s tundra is as fascinating as in the Quebec’s north and other north-western territories. There are endless reaches in this part of Canada where you may not find any traces of human life as far as you can see. Life is both hard and beautiful in northern part of Canada.


The Coast of British Columbia and the Vancouver Island

The coastal region in the western part of Canada is counted amongst the most beautiful areas of this country. You’ll find dark rainforests, rough coastlines and hidden bays here, all of which create unique and unforgettable landscapes. Regardless of whether you choose to hike through one of its rough coastal paths, offering you gorgeous views of Pacific Ocean, or go out on a whale or bear watching afternoon in a boat, you’d always be presented with some of the most breathtaking and unexpected views of Canada!


Maritime Quebec

This is by far the most diverse region in the entire Canada, situated along the St Lawrence River. You’d come across many small villages here, with artists at work, fishermen going out for their daily catch and people preparing culinary treats. You could head out on your own Canoe adventure or hike through its impressive mountainous landscape. However, you can’t experience all that by opting to just drive through the place. It’s important to pause and calmly consume every bit of this place’s beauty!


The Rocky Mountains

Considering the breathtaking scenery of mountains they provide, Alberta’s Rocky Mountains National Parks are counted amongst the huge favourites of all Canadian tourists. You must visit the lesser-known national parks such as the Yoho National Park and the Waterton Lakes National Park here. Anyone travelling to Jasper or Banff National Park should look for areas that are away from the highways. The experience of sitting on the tiny island inside the Pyramid Lake at the Jasper National Park, early in the morning, listening to the surroundings and watching the fog over the water, is amazing to say the least!


Canadian cities

Every Canadian city has its own unique character. While Vancouver has plenty of natural beauty, Toronto is more provincial and is likeable regardless of its huge size! Montréal on the other hand is the most urban Canadian city. Then there are many smaller cities such as Halifax, Cuba and Ottawa that are pretty easy to get around, offering many things that make them unique.