Top 5 Tips for becoming a Fearless Traveler

Top 5 Tips for becoming a Fearless Traveler

What many people have said to me over the years:

“I wish I could travel like you.”
“You are so lucky to travel this much.”
“There is no way I can travel with babies and children.”
“Go on all your travels before you have babies.”
“Traveling is just not safe, not these days.”
“I love to travel, but I hate to leave my home behind.”
“Oh yes, of course I am going to travel someday. Someday soon!”


My simple answer to you - if you have these thoughts - is that you can and you should travel right now.

Fearless traveling has been the most liberating experience for me; it can transform you and your life too. Plus you get to see the world in the meanwhile. And it's a beautiful world, alright!

Before you get on the road though, you must understand where your fears emerge. Is it from a lack of knowledge? Is it from not understanding the way things work? Is it because you are listening to media or other sources that cause anxiety?


Here are my quick top 5 tips for crushing your travel fears:

1. Leave Your Home in Good Hands:

First, stop your your mail, don't order shipments right before, leave a light on, care for your plants and pets, tell someone in your family about your itinerary and leave the key only with someone you fully trust.


2. Trust Air Travel:

Air travel is the safest mode of transportation. Make sure to stay hydrated on the plane, have your favorite distraction (music, movie, book), understand requirements of airport security and do not question the rules; it will only bring you anxiety, just follow them. It's all for your safety.


3. Pack Light and Do not Check In Luggage:

My best tip to you is to never check in luggage - yep, never, and I am a woman too! - and you do that by taking only the necessities with you. It is liberating beyond words to have all your belongings near you and not to have to drag it or deal with luggage fees or lost luggage.


4. Know the Safety Condition of Destination:

Information is power and you need to get it from the right source. Go to top travel sites and security advisory boards online and understand the current conditions of your target country. Know the top safety rules about the environment and always trust your gut when you are going about your business at home or abroad.


5. Respect Cultures & Learn (a bit of) the Language:

It makes for best memories when you respect the cultures and learn about the language enough to get by. It will make your experience much better and also leave you the best memories. You will be most welcomed even if you learn 5-10 words in the target country's language and use them.


To your travel dreams and to making them a reality!

Written and contributed by prolificliving