Top 5 Things to Do in Sicily

Top 5 Things to Do in Sicily

Eat some of the best street food in the world

Palermo's street food has been listed in the top 10 best street food in the world by Forbes no less. Here's a list of delicacies you should try if you visit the capital of Sicily.

Climb Mount Etna

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe, and it's located near Catania, on the East side of Sicily. It's definitely a must see and a must climb. Just go as far up as you can and enjoy the stunning view that is waiting for you.

Go for a hike through la Valle dell'Anapo

A hidden paradise near Syracuse. This natural reserve features the UNESCO World Heritage Site Necropoli di Pantalica, dotted with hundreds of tombs dating from the 13th-17rh centuries BC. A river flows through this amazing canyon, forming little pools 

Have a swim at la Scala dei Turchi

A white rocky cliff near Realmonte (South coast) that will take your breath away.

Watch an ancient Greek tragedy in a real Greek theatre

No words needed.


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