Top 5 Things To Do in Malta

Top 5 Things To Do in Malta

The country Malta is an archipelago and only the three largest islands (Malta, G?awdex or Gozo, and Kemmuna or Comino) are inhabited.

Top travel tips for Malta are:


The capital city is a must visit for anyone wanting to get a sense of history and a feel for the true Malta.  The capital is located in the central east part of the island and the entire town has been awarded UNESCO status as every street, square and church has a story to tell in the history of this country, do not miss the Hypogeum a fascinating underground insight in the history and long lost past of the Maltese people.



The old capital of the country and in my opinion, the most picturesque and photogenic town on the whole island.  Known as the walled city, take an hour or so to wander round the small narrow streets, stopping to take in the amazing views of the whole island from one of its many vantage points. Maybe grab an extended lunch in one of the small number of restaurants, but leave room for some cake to be devoured in the Fontanella tea gardens, which is located high up on the city walls. So high up is this small fortified city, that on a clear day you may be lucky to see Mount Etna across the sea on the island of Sicily.  


Golden Bay

Escape the crowds searching for little pockets of sand in the tourist areas of Bugibba and hop on a bus across to the north west of the island to Golden Bay, where sand, cliffs and grottoes can be found with minimal fuss.  Although becoming more touristy, you can still get away from it all by visiting the national park close by, catch a ferry to Comino, explore the coastal areas on a speedboat tour or even go horse riding.



If the hot summer sun is unrelenting, but you reckon you could manage a short trip out, head to Mosta on the bus, where its main sights will only take an hour or so to do, before you find a cool air conditioned café to relax in.  The main reason to visit is to see the Mosta Dome (one of the largest unsupported domes in Europe) for its amazing interior of blue, gold and white and the replica bomb that is located by the alter after the original one pierced the dome roof and landed there unexploded during WW2.



Maltas sister island to the North is easily accessible by regular ferries from the northern tip of Malta in Cirkewwa.  Aim to spend at least one full day here, to make sure you visit the capital of Victoria for shopping, visiting the old prison, the cathedral and a whole range of museums.  Jump on the buses that travel extensively round the island to visit the beaches of Ramula Bay and definitely make time to sample some mouthwatering Gozitan cheeses and wines maybe in one of the many small towns and villages such as Xaghra or Nadur. Before heading back to the main island of Malta, pack your snorkel and enjoy the blue lagoon of Comino a small island in-between the two, uninhabited save for staff of the one and only hotel located there.