Top 5 Things To Do During a Bermuda Vacation

Top 5 Things To Do During a Bermuda Vacation

Before you embark on your next Caribbean vacation, you will probably want to do some investigation about the activities and attractions located in Bermuda.

To make things easier for you, compiled below you will find a collection of the best things to do during a trip to exquisite Bermuda. From tropical sunbathing to sampling unusual cuisine at a local cafe, there are many diverse ways to spend your time visiting this popular Caribbean destination.


Make a splash in the inviting waters that surround Bermuda.

The Caribbean is an ideal destination for people who want to take it easy on the sandy shore and bask in the warm water that laps smoothly against Bermuda beaches. A recommended stretch of sand is the secluded yet plentiful Tobacco Bay Beach. If you're looking for a thrilling day you might want to think about heading into the underwater dreamland of the Caribbean Ocean. With its tempting sands and stunning coral reef formations, the seaside areas of Bermuda promise to impress travelers of every lifestyle.


Soak up some culture at a festival.

Throughout the year, Bermuda hosts a variety of different festivals that showcase the island’s unique culture and heritage. Be sure to check your calendar to see which events will be occurring during your visit. Many festivities are reoccurring throughout the year, such as Harbour Nights, a lively street party held twice weekly throughout the summer season. Another great event is Dockyard Sundays, held each Sunday during the summer. This event includes live music, handmade crafts, food vendors and more.


Try something new at a local Bermuda eatery.

When visiting foreign nations, travelers will inevitably encounter completely unique food that may not be like anything you've eaten before. Although plenty of travelers may opt to stick with recognizable dishes, people with daring taste buds are encouraged to take a chance on sampling fare from genuine, community restaurants. If you're looking for a true taste of Bermuda cuisine, consider the local favorite of Portuguese red bean soup. Another exceptional Bermudan culinary delight is the unparalleled honey produced on the island. It promises to be different from any honey you’ve tasted before.


Party until the sun rises.

The nightlife of Bermuda offers endless opportunities for drinking and entertainment. From popular dance clubs to themed cruises, there is a plentiful selection of ways to spend your evenings. If you're interested in dancing the night away, you should contemplate checking out a popular night club in Bermuda, like LIGHT Nightlife at the White Horses in St. George. Those looking for a more relaxed nighttime experience may prefer an informal bar, such as The Pickled Onion in Hamilton. Alternative suggestions for nightlife venues include The Cellar in Southampton and Hammerheads Bar & Grill in Sandy’s.


Catch your own meal.

After you’ve filled your belly with locally harvested honey, try your hand at reeling in your dinner out on the open sea. Multiple charter companies are available in Bermuda for boat rentals and fishing excursions. Fishermen will find that the island boasts excellent large game fishing, and even some great reef fishing around spots like Challenger Bank and Argus Bank. Try your hand at catching a big one, you might find yourself with a tasty blue marlin feast.


When organizing your itinerary for your vacation in Bermuda, give some thought to these five excellent activities. Each offers a unique peek into the culture of Bermuda, and will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

Whether your lifestyle is better suited for snorkeling through crystal clear waters or shopping for trinkets in a charming market, Bermuda has plenty of attractions to keep you captivated throughout your travels.


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