Top 5 Things to Do in Belgrade, Serbia

Top 5 Things to Do in Belgrade, Serbia

5 Things You Must Do in Belgrade:

I really don’t like tours... yes it happens that they tell you interesting stories and information, but I forget all of it so quickly. Finding something different and unique to do when I travel is my priority.

In Belgrade I found BeoQuest and I was thrilled. Their quest is kind of like a scavenger hunt, but like nothing I've ever done before... learning things about Serbia by experiencing them, by interaction with locals and by solving riddles. It's hard to forget interesting information about the city when you discover things on your own.


  • Spend Time in Nature

Belgrade is quite unique in that it has two rivers. The confluence view is the best from Kalemegdan Fortress and if you want to chill out near the water choose the Danube. It’s less crowded and less urban. If you're spending a little bit more time in Belgrade you should visit one of the islands or have a picnic at Topcidarski Park


  • Visit the Cinema Museum and Watch a Movie

If you get caught out on a rainy day, just visit the Cinema Museum. Foreign movies are not dubbed and for a ticket price of 1.5 Euros you can keep warm and travel to a simpler time.


  • Enjoy the Food and Drinks

Serbians are generally hedonistic and if you’re serious about exploring you absolutely must drink and eat well. My favorite drink is definitely rakia (quince or honey) and it’s true what they say, it's a very strong drink! Regarding food my number one is burek with cheese. I’ve had it for the breakfast as well as after clubbing.

Even though at first site you might think that there is nothing to eat but meat in the country, there are also quite delicious vegan meals. Religious Serbs have periods of fasting when they don’t eat animal products, so a key word for vegans in Serbia would be 'posno'. Rarely, products are marked with the word 'vegan' instead of 'posno'.


  • Go Clubbing

Whatever kind of music you’re into, you'll find it in Belgrade. If you're visiting during summer, you must experience clubbing on the boats. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrise and the peaceful river after a night of clubbing. 


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