Top 5 Places To Explore in Singapore

Top 5 Places To Explore in Singapore

Singapore, an island state in Asia, is one of the nicest places to have a lot of fun, unwind, relax and explore. Singapore is a modern and developed destination with a lot of historic and traditional elements still intact.

The country has progressed and is a popular international destination with tourists. Travelers of all age are sure to find something interesting that they would enjoy. 

There is a lot you can experience and do when in Singapore. Out of all the options, here are the top 5 places you would love to explore in this lovely country.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Singapore

Sentosa Island

Probably you have already heard a lot about this place - one of the most famed destinations in Singapore. Sentosa Island is an amazing place with a lot to offer for everyone including adventure, leisure and relaxation.


China Town

You may not be able to visit China but you can still experience it within Singapore. The Chinatown area is a lovely place with things that remind you and give you the experience of being in China.


Gardens by the Bay

Here is an example of how progressive and creative, modern Singapore is. This place is one of the best man made creations in Singapore and is a sight worth experiencing when in this country.


The Singapore Zoo

If you love animals and want to see one of the best Zoos in the world, then the Singapore Zoo is a place to head to. It is an interesting destination and is home to a lot of unique animal species.


The Botanical Gardens

If you love flora then the extremely beautiful Botanic Gardens of Singapore would truly amaze you. This is a place with many different plants and is indeed very attractive. A visit here would be a nice experience for sure.


Planning well ahead of time will help you to experience a truly memorable vacation in Singapore.