Top 5 Eastern Kayak Fishing Spots in North America

Top 5 Eastern Kayak Fishing Spots in North America

There are a lot of exotic fisheries across the world where anglers seem to enjoy both large scale and small scale fishing.

White water kayaking is mostly enjoyed in the eastern part of North America all the way from Florida to Canada. Some of these Kayak fishing sports cannot sustain a large number of fishers, so it is advisable that fishers practice catch and release.


The following are the top five Kayak fishing sports in the eastern part of North America

Coosa River, Alabama

There exists a famous rapid on this river; Moccasin Gap which keeps the large boats out of the target area. The Coosa River has major tournaments and sporting activities on the upstream of the dam while Kayak fishing has taken over the downstream of the dam where anglers enjoy fishing. 

If you want to experience aggressive spotting and mouth water, get a combination of buzz bait, wacky worm, spinner baits and square bill. Along the shore of the base of trees and rocky outcropping exists largemouth and spots hunkered in mid-stream eddies. Kayak fishers are mostly found on the River Basin Tournament which is super fun.


Ottawa River, Ontario

This river has warm water, is chocolate colored and is quite big ,therefore, accommodating a variety of northern pike, bass species, and walleye. Kayak fishing is mostly done in the upstream section where you will find high bays with grass, deep rocky drop offs and lily pads.

For a fun Kayak fishing trip, bring buzz bait, frog, strike naked rage blade and a wacky worm. You will be able to catch bass, walleye, and pike.


Caney Fork Water Shed, Tennessee

The Collins River and the Calf Killer River are the two main tributaries to the Caney Fork that provide a perfect float down in a kayak. Both of them are low flow creeks with no rapids. Be careful to watch out for occasional downed trees that can injure you if you are not careful enough.

The water is clear especially when rains are low. The Calf Killer provides many float sections for spotted bass, musky and smallmouth bass.


Potomac River, Maryland

The Yellow Falls and Card rock are the two largest rapids along this river. If you have the skill to run them at low water, then go for it. They are also easy to portage on the left. For great kayak fishing that targets smallmouth bass, prepare spinner baits with white plastic trailer, wacky worm and top water stick baits along the line.


Green Swamp Lodge, Florida

The lakes found here offer a great weekend bass getaway. The old phosphate pits in the lakes provide significant habitats such as deep drop offs, overhanging trees and canals. For a great catch carry along with you a frog, a Texas rigged red, black worm, bullet weight and a strike king caffeine shad.


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