Top 5 Beach Bars in Boracay, Philippines

Top 5 Beach Bars in Boracay, Philippines

The beach bars in Boracay are so close to the beach that you have be careful in case the tide comes in.

Drinking in Boracay, or "Bora" as its affectionally known, is cheap. Cocktails are around $3-4AUD or $15-18 for a pitcher.

All the way down Station 2 is a long line of bars and restaurants, with so many to choose from my best picks are below. 


Chill Out Bar

Yes, the chill out bar is very chilled out. Relax on beanbags on the sand whilst listening to the blues and roots cover-playing guitarist. Nearby barbecue stands offer "beach food" such as BBQ pork on a skewer for only 10 cents. 


Summer Place

The cranking RnB beats in Summer Place encourages you to shake it out on the dance floor or jump on the tables instead. The cocktails come in a pitcher and are served in shot glasses. Note: one shot glass does not equal one drink.


Pool Bar at Boracay Regency Resort

The pool bar at Boracay Regency officially opens at 10 am but the friendly bar staff will open at 9.30 am if you're really nice. An after breakfast cocktail of choice has to be the Banana Daiquiri. It's an adult version of a banana smoothie.


Charlph's Bar

Charlph's Bar has an old school rock band. The lead singer is a Filipino Steve Tyler who wears a fedora and takes requests. Cocktails for your posse at this bar are served in a metal bucket. No cups. Just 20 straws. $15 for the bucket provided much frivolity, as did creating larger than life straw extensions.


The Bar

Bit hard to forget this bar's name! The Bar is a great bar to cap off a big night in Bora. Luckily you do get cups for your pitchers of punch here. The sand-covered raised platform dance floor is only two metres wide but there's plenty of beach to dance under the moonlight. 


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