Top 4 Reasons to Visit the Virgin Islands Now: A Look Behind the Scenes After Hurricane Irma

Top 4 Reasons to Visit the Virgin Islands Now: A Look Behind the Scenes After Hurricane Irma

The Caribbean today. It’s been a road of recovery since Hurricanes Irma and Maria. So what can cruise ship passengers expect now? Sun, sand, and crystal-clear watersthe Caribbean is still the most relaxing and replenishing place on earth.

From deep blue waters to golden sandy beaches, the islands of the Caribbean have always reigned supreme in luxury getaway destinations. Nothing about that has changed. Dip your toes in the crystal clear water. Soak up the sun while your co-workers are back home in frigid cloudy dreariness. Take in sunrises and sunsets to relish forever.

This season, explore the riches of The U.S.. and British Virgin Islands on a holiday cruise.


Get the most out of your Caribbean experience with this post-Irma guide to the top 4 reasons to visit the islands today:

1. Jost Van Dyke Drinks

Jost Van Dyke is known for swaying palm trees, lovely beaches, and one-of-a-kind drinks. Stop by the iconic Foxy’s for a strong rum drink, accompanied by rich stories and songs. Foxy’s guitar is still captivating travelers after the storms.


2. Virgin Gorda: The Baths

Visit The Baths, one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, and unchangeably beautiful still today. The large granite boulders comprising The Baths are perfect for nature enthusiasts. Take out your snorkel gear and wade into hidden rock pools. Grab a bite to eat at Top of the Baths Restaurant & Bar, open for business after Irma. Enjoy a delightful appetizer or entrée overlooking the Sir Francis Drake channel.


3. Tortola Restaurants (Open Post-Irma)

Take in the views of neighboring bays, and get a glimpse of Sandy Spit. It’s significantly smaller than before the hurricanes, but still lovely to see. Are there (post-Irma) open restaurants in Tortola? Absolutely!

Be sure to check out: Omar’s Café for the best cup of coffee or breakfast. Pusser’s Road Town Pub for pizza and wings. Happy Hour at Emile’s Restaurant in East End. Nanny Cay for a swim and a bite to eat. Soper’s Hole for a variety of fun stops in a tropical setting nestled among mountains.


4. Private Getaways

Want to get away from the crowds? Just hire a private boat charter to whisk you away to enjoy the island of your choice, and explore hidden coves and private beaches to your heart’s content. Take your pick from spending the day on sunny beaches in St. John, to snorkeling along secluded reefs around St. Thomas, to exploring the tranquil British Virgin Islands. That’s the beauty of the Caribbean islands.