Top 3 Things you must do at Cameron Highlands

Top 3 Things you must do at Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands has a cool weather. As such many tourists including locals enjoy visiting the place. 

In Cameron Highlands, there are certain things which you must try. 


1. Visit a tea plantation

There are many tea plantations to choose from. At most tea plantations, there will be teahouses or cafes which serve tea and scones.


2. Eat steamboat

Due to the cool weather, this is one of the best places to eat the boiling hot steamboat. As there are many vegetable farms around, you will also be served fresh vegetables. A recommended place is Mayflower Restaurant in the Tanah Rata town.


3. Visit a strawberry farm

You can choose to purchase readily plucked strawberries or pay to pluck your own strawberries. Many shops also sell other products like jam, chocolates and preserved strawberries.


There are many other sights or things to be done here but these 3 would be the top 3. 


Written and contributed by Lilian Loke


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