Top 3 Things To Do in Macau

Top 3 Things To Do in Macau

Macau has become a gambling mecca in recent years as many US casinos have expanded to the area.

However, there is much more to Macau than just casino gambling.
When planning your next trip to Macau, consider the following activities:
For the most amazing view of Macau, you should check out The Skywalk at the top of Macau Tower. We should warn you that if you are afraid of heights, this is not for you. The Skywalk is located at the top of the 338m Macau Tower, a height that is actually higher than Paris' Eiffel Tower.
Fear not as you will be harnessed while atop Skywalk. In addition, The Skywalk hosts that highest bungee jump in the world which is perfect for all of you adrenaline junkies. Take your camera and take plenty of pictures as you will not get a better photo op anywhere.
House of Dancing Water
This is one show that lives up to its name. The House of Dancing Water is a world class show that is held in a "pool stage" that has as much water as five Olympic sized swimming pools.
House of Dancing Water is part side show and part circus. Acts include motorcycle stunt men, high board divers, acrobats, dancers, swimmers, and other circus style performers. This show is appropriate for all ages and one that will top any circus in the world.
Senate Square
For a combination of culture and shopping, check out Senate Square. The European architecture of the area is accentuated by exquisite cobblestone streets. Waves of brown and tan set off an amazing picturesque effect that draws tourists from all over the world.
In addition, there are numerous shops and restaurants to explore. You can literally spend days going through these shops and sampling the local cuisine.
Just from the sampling above, you can see that Macau has a lot more to offer than just casino gambling. 
Whether you are an arts and culture lover, or a person that loves adventure, a little research and pre-planning can help you find some amazing activities for your next trip to Macau.


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