Top 3 Things To Do in La Paz, Bolivia

Top 3 Things To Do in La Paz, Bolivia

There is no question that La Paz, Bolivia is one of the most scenic cities in the entire world.

Built right into the side of the red and orange cliff sides that surround it, there is no such thing as a bad view in Bolivia’s capital. On top of that, La Paz boasts great weather, time-honoured traditions and some memorable experiences.


Here are the top three things to do:

 Witches’ Market

The Witches’ Market (or Mercado de las Brujas) is one of the most famous landmarks in all of La Paz. Just a few blocks from the Rosario neighbourhood, visitors will find dozens of tiny stalls packed full of brightly-coloured potions. Regardless of if you’re suffering from altitude sickness or a broken heart, there is sure to be some vial that will ‘cure ‘ you.

This is also a great spot to see the women in their beautiful traditional clothing.


Moon Valley

As you head farther out of downtown, you’ll notice that the vistas become even more spectacular (is that even possible) and the houses get more beautiful. This is where you’ll find the incredible, unforgettable Moon Valley.

Also known as Valle de la Luna, this park is home to trails that wind through spectacular rock formations, which look suspiciously like something from outer space. It is an absolutely bizarre, yet stunning site. Just be sure not to slip off the side of the trails, as it would be quite the fall into the caverns below!

Admission is about $2 for tourists.


Dancing Zebras

Now for one of my favourite parts of La Paz: the dancing zebras! Traffic can be downright crazy in the city what with all the gridlock and honking horns, so the city has come up with a fun way to combat road rage.

The traffic zebra program employs youths to dress up as, well, zebras, then head to congested intersections. When the lights change, they hop in front of vehicles to make sure they don’t run the light, then dance around and wave as pedestrians safely make it across.

Bonus: they’re happy to stop and pose for photos!


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