Top 10 Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has a wealth of vacation spots that are highly popular with tourists. Here, in my opinion, are the top 10 spots that should be on everybody's bucket list.


Southeast Asia's Top Travel Spots

1. Pai, Thailand

Regarded as the 'holy land of traveling', Pai astounds tourists with its lovely and dreamlike beauty, like in a fairy tale. Located in Northern Thailand, this small town is always brimming with music, delicious cuisine, beauty spots with hot springs, waterfalls and endlessly stretching rice fields.


2. Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

As the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is famous for beautiful beaches and turquoise water. In recent years, the island has emerged as a new ocean paradise due to its peaceful and stunning beauty. On Phu Quoc island, you will find a lot of lovely beaches. Of these beaches, Dai Beach and Sao Beach are the most favourite tourist destinations.


3. Bagan, Myanmar

Situated on dry land in the Myanmar city center, this ancient city is a favorite place for those who are fascinated by temples, pagodas and monasteries. The pagodas which were built from the 11th to the 13th century have superb ancient characteristics. Whilst visiting, tourists will stray into a world of peacefulness, where you seem to completely escape from the noisiness of urban areas.


4. Mui Ne dune, Vietnam

Mui Ne is an ideal beach for organizing interesting activities. Besides swimming, you can take great photographs on sand dunes. White Sand Dune or Bau Trang is famous for its vast sand fields. Here the sun is scorching; therefore, if you would like to stay here for a long time, it is necessary to carry drinking water.


5. Mergui, Myanmar

Mergui archipelago (Trinh nguyen island) is regarded as heaven for those who love swimming, scuba diving, rowing, climbing mountains in the jungle, fishing, etc. Here, wild animals still exist on some large islands. This place also attracts tourists to stunning caves, dreamy long white sandbanks beside blue water surrounded by tropical forests.


6. Cameron Highland, Malaysia

Cameron is seen as the largest resort in Malaysia with green hills, tea plantations and strawberry fields. This highland is named after the explorer named William Cameron, who put this place on the world map many centuries ago. Here, the temperature is quite stable, between 10 to 21°C, which helps to promote the growing of vegetables and flowers.

Besides this, Cameron has many big waterfalls, colorful temples, rose gardens and tea plantations where tourists can enjoy a selection of typical local beers.


7. Ngwe Beach, Myanmar

Possessing tens-of-kilometers of sandbanks, lovely palm trees and clear blue water, Ngwe Saung is one of the most attractive destinations for sea lovers. Here the sea is sapphire blue, clean and the ideal place for activities like surfing or swimming. Strolling around fishing villages and local markets to discover interesting things on a bicycle, and then savoring fresh coconut milk will make this experience memorable.


8. Mekong Delta

From the viewpoint of many foreign visitors, floating markets are one of the most outstanding and exciting highlights of the Mekong River Delta. The vivid image of business activities on the river certainly leaves a deep impression.

Besides sightseeing and shopping, tourists have opportunities to participate in fun activities such as boating on salt marshes, trekking, visiting fish and snake farms, biking around the trails and watching birds, etc.


9. Sapa, Vietnam

Belonging to Northwest Vietnam and not far from the Chinese border, Sapa is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Walking is the best way to admire and explore the daily life of the local people. In addition, it is really great if you can capture photos of spectacularly terraced fields and learn more about the special farming methods of the local people.


10. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Located in lovely Marina Bay of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is a resort and amusement park ranked first in Asia. The venue's main attraction is the uniquely structured Sky Park, which is in the shape of a huge ship as well as over 600 types of plants, an outdoor swimming pool and the Lotus Flower Art Science Museum, located in front of the seaport.