Top 10 Tips for Packing Light

Top 10 Tips for Packing Light

When it comes to packing for an adventure vacation there are a few simple guidelines that will help make the process painless!

Here at Austin-Lehman we were asked all the time “What should I pack?” Well here are the top 10 packing tips from one of our travel experts Mindy Vanderhoof.

1. Determine a neutral color to work with.  Whether it be black, brown, grey, or even Navy, the best way to pack light is to choose a neutral and build a travel wardrobe around that.  (This includes shoes)

2. Choose complimentary items to go with them. Make sure that all of your tops work with all of your bottoms and that all of your bottoms go with your shoes. Whatever doesn’t match doesn’t make the cut!

3. Pack light layers.  You should have base layers, mid weight pull overs, and something wind and water proof.  You want to be able to shed or add layers as needed. (Don’t forget your fingers and toes: make sure you have enough (an appropriate) socks, and a lightweight pair of gloves!)

4. Make sure items are multifunctional.  Don’t pack anything that is activity specific.  If you can only wear it for one thing take it out of the bag!  If you can bike in a pair of shorts, you should be able to hike in them as well.

5.  Don’t pack anything you don’t want to loose.  Your brand new jacket, grandmothers pearls, even a very nice wedding ring should be left at home.  Replace the ring with a simple, non-sentimental, band. Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing your nicest, fanciest, items.

6. Packing cubes can be invaluable for bags without pockets.  Use one for underwear and socks, one for tops, and one for bottoms. I even use a half cube for my ditty bag, and a small one for my make-up and electrical cords if needed.  Being organized will make your vacation so much simpler!

7. Keep your pajama’s handy, you will want them handy when you get to your destination.

8. Always, without exception, pack a change of clothes in your carry on!  It never fails: the airlines will loose your baggage if they even suspect you aren’t carrying an extra pair of knickers with you!

9. Carry your bag around a bit If this is a trip you will be packing your luggage around, the weight of the bag will make it that much easier to leave a few more things at home. (do I really need all 3 swimsuits…)

10. Don’t fill up your bag! You will want to buy something while you are gone, and you will need a place to put it.  My strategy is to make sure my day bag fits into my regular pack, that way, when I inevitably purchase new trinkets, I still have a day bags worth of room to pack it into!

For more packing tips check out “The Art of Packing” with travel expert Carol Austin.