Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Europe in the Fall

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Europe in the Fall

When it comes to finding an adventure vacation, it can be all about the timing!

Fall is a great option when looking for a adventure vacation.


Here are the top 10 reasons to travel to Europe in the Fall:

1.  The summer crowds are nowhere to be seen.  Can you imagine just walking into the museum of your choice… with no lines!  How about getting into the famed restaurants you have read all about?  (August in Europe is known for closing places down so the employees can have some time off.)

2. The autumn temperatures, are much more conducive to active vacations.  With temperatures leaving the 90’s for the more comfortable 70’s and 80’s, fall is the perfect time to get outside! The cooler temperatures make an Italy bike tour the best time to go.

3.  Changing of the seasons. You always hear about it for the U.S. midwest and northeast and the same goes for many European destinations.  Imagine the hills of Tuscany golden, to match the light!

4.  Your photos won’t look like everyone else’s. Fewer strangers in the backgrounds, the fall colors highlighting the city and landscapes, moodier lighting from earlier evenings, and more beautiful sunsets falling behind that amazing cathedral you just saw for the first time.

5.  Getting Time off. You can get time off work more easily because everyone else is fighting over the summer holidays.

6.  Wine lovers: wine grape harvests fall in the autumn months: August for Italy, and September and October in France.  Amazing festivals often coincide with harvest time!

7.  Restaurants change. Seasonal mushroom and truffle dishes are a real treat during fall.  Who wants to eat schnitzel in the summer anyway?

8.  Off-season means you can typically find cheaper price tags on airfare and hotels.

9. Shorter days means there are more opportunities for moonlit strolls.  Imagine the romance!

10.  As rainy season approaches, you won’t feel like you are missing a beautiful, sunny, day if you spend your time inside.  Musee D’Orsay anyone?