Top 10 Coffee Destinations Around the World

Top 10 Coffee Destinations Around the World

Coffee has touched our lives in its own special way, for few it has become a favorite drink after a long tiring day at work and for some it has become a reason to catch up with friends.

Coffee is a relaxing beverage, it soothes your nerves in a way that no other drink can and it impacts your body and provides a feeling of fulfillment.

Coffee is served in all kinds of restaurants, from a small local café to big brands like Starbucks or Café Coffee Day, all serve coffee in their own special way and it is basically the experience that differs. There are a lot of countries in the world which are known for their coffee production and they export coffee to different non-coffee producing country.

Let us look at the best coffee destinations of the world and dig deeper into the coffee they produce.


10 Coffee Destinations 

1. Brazil

It is till date the largest coffee producing country and favorite coffee destination for coffee lovers in the world with a staggering production of 2,594,100,000 kg of coffee beans last year. Brazil is famous for the authentic and rich taste of its coffee, which it exports to many non-coffee producing countries too. In Brazil, the major coffee destinations are located in Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, and Parana and other three southeastern states where both the climate and temperature are just ideal for coffee production. The special thing about Brazilian coffee is it is processed using dry process (unwashed coffee), here the coffee cherries are dried in the sun. It gives a smooth texture and rich taste to the coffee.


2. Vietnam

It is the second largest coffee destination in the world and produces more than 2 million tons per year. It is known since time immemorial for its coffee production, the taste and texture of Vietnamese coffee is just amazing, with a different aroma and smoothness. The unique thing about Vietnamese coffee is that it is blended with condensed milk to give it a smooth and creamy taste.


3. Colombia

It is the third largest coffee destination in the world, however, it used to be second but due to rising temperatures, it has come down to third. It is well known for producing coffee which is mild, and well balanced. The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia is well known body. Colombian coffee is known for its unique size and the punch that it creates on coffee lovers across the world.


4. Indonesia

It is located at a place which is just ideal for coffee production, it is located near the Equator and has numerous mountainous regions which promotes growth of coffee beans. It has opted a method of quantity over quality and its climate best suits the production of lower-quality Robusta beans. It is famous for its high quality coffee named as Kopi Luwak which is made using a very weird method of using a cat poop. 


5. Ethiopia

It is the coffee destination where the Coffea Arabica or the coffee plant originates. It is the fifth largest coffee producing country in the world and the export of its coffee substantially adds to its economy. The price of the coffee is generally determined by the Coffee and Tea authority. The coffee beans are of the species Coffea Arabica and can be further divided into Longberry, Shortberry and Mocha. Longberry is of highest quality and considered to be the coffee with the best flavor. Mocha is a high priced commodity, that sometimes also has complex chocolate, spice and citrus notes. Ethiopia has a rich coffee culture.


6. India

Though India is not well known for coffee production, it is ranked 6th among the coffee destinations of the world. This country offers a taste which is very unique and a flavor which is unique to this country. The coffee growing states of India are mainly the southern states which have adequate rainfall to make it possible for coffee beans to grow. Since the coffee is grown alongside spices like cardamom and cinnamon, hence the coffee also gives a spicy taste and a texture which is smooth and creamy. Mainly the coffee is exported and the major buyers are Europe and Russia.


7. Honduras

This place has become Central America’s top coffee producer since 2011, the place is ideal for coffee production with a humid and cold climate. The beans are large and produce a flavor which is amazing and unforgettable. However, the beans produced here are mainly used as blends, so the place is not recognized simply as a coffee destination, still holds a special ranking in terms of coffee destinations in the world.


8. Uganda

Central Africa’s top coffee producing country, Uganda is not a name which comes in mind when you think of coffee producing countries of the world. The country is known for growing both Robusta beans – a crop native to the Kibale forest area – as well as Arabica beans from nearby Ethiopia. The taste is contemporary and preferred by people who just want a beverage with their breakfast.


9. Mexico

Not a preferred coffee destination, still Mexico is counted among the top 10 coffee destinations of the world. It is well known for high quality Arabica beans which grows in the coastal regions near the border of Guatemala. Coffee forms one of the major imports of this place. The Mexican coffee is also known for its contemporary taste and a smooth touch that it provides to the beverage, people prefer it both black and cappuccino coffee as a Mexican coffee. 


10. Guatemala

The last in the list of coffee destinations of the world, Guatemala mainly exports coffee that it provides to Europe and the US. Coffee is considered as a major part of economic development and there is no denying the fact that the coffee is good in taste and smell and gives a local flavor, not something that you expect in major brands.


Coffee is considered as God’s nectar and apart from the above list, there are many other countries in the world which are knows as major coffee destinations.