Top 10 Budapest Experiences for Adventure Seekers

Top 10 Budapest Experiences for Adventure Seekers

Budapest is a city with amazing architecture and history, but it is also the perfect location for adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and those looking for novelty experiences.

Check out my list of some of the top ten experiences to check out while on vacation in Budapest:

Escape Games

Escape rooms are huge in Budapest and it’s easy to see why. Combining adventure, puzzles, teamwork, logic and pressure, you’re locked in a room with several friends and have to piece together clues to escape the room before your time runs out! Escape Room Budapest is one of the largest and newest English-language providers of escape games in Budapest with multiple rooms and games on offer from: a shady motel, abandoned hospital surgery, exciting bank heist job gone wrong, serial killer experience, the cathedral and even an Egyptian-themed Pharaoh’s burial chamber. Prices vary from 12,000-14,000 HUF per group and you’re allowed between 2-8 group members depending on the room.


Indoor Skydiving

Experience the feeling of freefall within Skyward’s indoor wind tunnel with a maximum wind speed of 220km/h. With no age or weight restrictions, this is a fantastic experience for everyone. Be warned it is challenging and you may need several attempts to get the hang of it, but the euphoria you will experience is unlike any other. Prices start at 15,000 HUF per person. Skyward is open from 10am-10pm daily.



Located 17 kilometres out of Budapest in Dunaharaszti is a popular wakeboarding paradise. Grab a group of 3 people and try your hand at this unique experience. 12,200 HUF per person will get you a board and life jacket as well as a wakeboard instructor. Perfect way to cool down in Budapest’s hot summers and Dunaharaszti has a real party atmosphere.



Budapest is famous for its thermal springs and baths but all that heated water has formed a huge cave system running underneath the city that is perfect for caving and spelunking. Caving Under Budapest is the best tourism provider for helping you explore Budapest’s huge underground system of caves.


Tank Driving

Numerous tourism providers in Budapest offer you the opportunity to drive old Soviet war tanks. It’s a pricy experience that will set you back anywhere from 200-400 Euro but it’s one you won’t forget.


Bubble Football

Ever wanted to play football in a huge zorb-like suit and smash into your opponents? Well now you can. Bubble Football is a popular Stag Do activity in Budapest. It’s less of a sport and more of a comedy hour due to the bubbles which make it impossible to be coordinated. Check out BubbleBall Budapest for more details.


Naked Body Sushi Table

Seeking an adventurous experience of a more erotic nature? I guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this before. Eat raw fish off the naked body of a beautiful Hungarian woman. Need I say more? Naked Body Sushi Table


Ruin Pubs

Combine history and beer and you have the famous Budapest Ruin Pubs. Most of the Ruin Pubs are in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. Formally bombed ghettos from a darker time, nowadays they are hot party spots packed with people. 10 Euro buys a pass giving you free access to all the Ruin Pubs in the city and a welcome drink. The pubs are all weird and unique and have their own distinct atmosphere. Three of the best are Szimpla, Instant and Fogashaz.


Diving Discovery

Want to dive in the flooded cellar of one of Budapest’s most famous breweries? Diving Discovery lets you do just that. 25,000 HUF per person buys you 40 mins of diving time. You need to be 18+, and have a group of 3 or more people. It is recommended that you have at least some basic diving experience or qualifications. Open from 8am-5pm daily.


Tattoo Experience

Walk around Budapest and you will see a tattoo parlour on every street. What better way to remember your holiday than get a permanent visual reminder of your experiences? Tyutyu Tattoo is home to some of Budapest’s best tattoo artists. Check out their Instagram account to view some of their work. Prices vary. Open from 10am-6pm daily and located just off Andrassy Ut, near Oktogon metro station in the heart of Budapest.