Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Kids are little innocent creatures; they are masters when it comes to stealing hearts. They wear their hearts on the sleeves, and keep us engaged in their sweet talks.

It is always a pleasure to see a kid painting your life with bliss. But, this is not the case when you are traveling with them. The fun and frolic that you perhaps pictured might get all ruined if you are not prepared. But don’t worry anymore because we are here to rescue and have listed some tips for traveling with kids and handling the fuss like a boss.


Tips for traveling with kids

1. Choose a kid- friendly location

Choosing a location is the most crucial step while you are planning a trip with kids, because if they get bored you too won’t be able to enjoy. There are several amusement parks that intend to not only entertain the kids, but the parents as well. Make sure that you strike off the destinations with harsh climates like Leh/Ladakh (however, it is heavenly for adventure-seekers and nature buffs).

Some of the kid-friendly locations in India are Goa (building castles on a beach is always a good idea), Darjeeling (the Darjeeling Toy Train takes you to an exciting journey), Kerala (cruising on traditional houseboats in Kerala Backwater is a delightful experience, and as it is bestowed with expansive wildlife, your kids will enjoy too). We must not overlook the idea of heading to destinations which have wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, waterfalls etc.


2. Smart packing (pack lightly)

Kids are swift and naughty. You obviously don’t want bulky baggage to be a barrier in your attempt to stop your kid when he is trying to insert his finger in a plug or something. It’s totally understandable that when we are traveling with kids, we need extra clothing, toys, diapers etcetera.

But, it is always a smart act to fling away whatever is just not needed; like unnecessary footwear, accessories, huge toys, strollers and so on. Go for wrinkle-free clothing and cardboard games.  Always count your bags before you leave, after arrival and every now and then. Also, keep diapers and other stuffs in two or more bags, so that if one is lost or not in your range, you have an option. Read more about the essentials for packing while traveling with kids.


3. Book accommodation in advance

This is a nice idea irrespective of whether you are traveling with kids or not! Firstly, you can budget your vacation accordingly. Secondly, you wouldn’t have to run around every nook and corner of the city, with heavy baggage and children. When you are booking a room, consider the facilities available for kids. Some hotels offer play rooms, garden with swings, games, kid’s swimming pool, special kids menu. Also, your room must have enough space for your kid to enjoy playing with their toys.


4. Pack some gadgets

Sometimes toys are just not enough, you need movies, video games and cartoons to keep your kids entertained. This should be taken like a break instead of a habit though. There are interactive applications that allow the user to color and draw, or do mathematics. This fun-learning process is essential for your kid’s growth too.


5. Don't forget to pack medicines

Kids are more prone to allergies, and they trip and fall quiet often. And if such situation takes place you must have first aid and medicines. If you are traveling in a hill-station then the swirling movement of the vehicle might result in nausea. However, don’t pack a massive amount of medicine, but basic or important medicines must be included for sure. 


6. Try travelling at night

Traveling in the night is ideal because this will not ruin your kids’ sleep and the distance will be covered without much fuss. As during pre-dawn, traffic on the road is smoother, you will reach your destination sooner.  Moreover, kids get cranky when they do not have anything to do during the journey and are asked to sit on one place.


7. Discuss your travelling interests with the kids

This is a very important step because if your kids don’t like the place, you might also start to hate it; as you’d have to keep them entertained to calm them down. And if you discuss with your kid about which destinations they want to visit during their vacation, it would be easier for you to plan the trip further.


8. Bring a camera to capture all the memories

Now keep calm and enjoy the vacation with your family. You have now mastered the art of traveling with children and all you need to do now is enjoy. Carry along a good camera that can capture these moments and your children will thank you for this.


By following these simple tips, you can easily make your holiday with kids, en extremely memorable one.


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