Tips For Swimming In The Dead Sea

Tips For Swimming In The Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is an incredible experience, and you don't have to pay a lot of money staying at a spa resort to take a dip!

If you're travelling overland through Jordan take the Dead Sea Highway and stop off somewhere and take a crafty dip for free.*

*I'm not sure if you're really allowed to just stop and take a swim in the Dead Sea, so perhaps take this advice with a pinch of salt!?


Tips for Swimming in the Dead Sea

1. Enjoy yourself... relax and float your cares away

The Dead Sea is about 8.5 times as salty as the ocean which means you can float... lie back and think of England! (maybe the wrong metaphor!?)

2. Wear sensible footware on the shore

The shore line and the bottom will often be made of hard, jagged crystalised salt which can be sharp and cut your feet. Wear trainers or flip flops and keep them on in the water.

3. Too much salt is bad for you!

The Dead Sea water is very acidic, so don't swallow it and try not to get it in your eyes... you won't enjoy it, trust me, I know!

4. Wash, wash and wash again

Wash yourself down after swimming to get the corrosive salt off as quickly as possible. If you are not at a spa use bottled water. If you go under the water, wash your eyes out with bottled water and gargle too - you may be left with a sore throat and red eyes, but you'll survive.

5. Be careful...

You can drown - even in the Dead Sea...


Oh, and don't take a dip near a Police check point!


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