Tips For a Solo Girl’s Trip to Paris

Tips For a Solo Girl’s Trip to Paris

If you are a girl and are traveling alone for an adventure, there is a list of do’s and don’ts you might find helpful.

Paris is a dream destination for a lot of girls. Traveling in Paris is an unforgettable experience.

Add on to your solo Paris trip with these simple steps.

Make Paris memorable, thank us later!


Tips For a Girl’s Solo Parisian Trip

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to enjoy Paris and what it offers if you keep an open mind and step out of what makes you comfortable. You should keep in mind that you are entering their culture. Once you embrace Paris as it comes to you, you would surely enjoy the experience. Parisian food, markets, culture and nightlife are unique.

Explore and savor the flavors of Paris, carefully but fully.

The time-worn exteriors are beautiful and can be enjoyed with evening strolls. Find beauty in the uneven surfaces of Paris. A smile on your face and enthusiasm in your heart would help you explore Paris, beyond the Eiffel Tower. Also consider to book your stay in self-catering apartments in Paris. This unconventional option places you near the community and helps you see the veiled beauties of Paris.


Bag the Essentials

Note that walking around the city can be exhaustive and painful in heels.

So if you are planning to give a little height to your look, opt for comfortable wedges and block heels. If you are comfortable in flats, there is no better way to walk around the streets of Paris.

Depending on the season you are traveling to the city of love, your clothes can have a dash of romance to them with red colour. Summers are ideal for pretty sundresses and winters call for boots and overcoats, that could range from capes to long lines and peplums.

When your style story is in place keep in mind to carry a medical kit and grooming kit for emergencies.


Take Care of Thy Precious

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Taking care of your possessions is important.

Make sure your belongings are tucked in safely with you in crowded or secluded places. Travellers can be considered as an easy target and if you are a girl, you are considered to be a vulnerable one as well.

Take care of your valuables and yourself. The rule applies to any destination you travel to alone.


Back to the Basics

It is sometimes difficult to communicate in a new place when you don’t know their language.

Though nobody expects you to master a foreign language for a trip, a knowledge of the basic terms can take you places.

Apart from earning you a warm welcome, a few French terms can help you shop, eat, explore and wander around independently and with an ease.


Stay Connected

We can’t stress enough on the fact that travelling alone requires the attention of your surroundings and constant connection with the people you know. Keeping your family updated about your whereabouts is important and you can do that via social media.

With so many fun ways to stay connected, it shouldn’t be hard at all.


Plan and Book in Advance

Research good options to reach and stay in Paris in advance. A planned trip in terms of how to get there and where to stay helps you explore Paris the moment you reach there. It can also help you place yourself near good markets, restaurants and attractions.


Be Safe, Savour Paris and Travel Solo!