Tips For Packing on an African Safari

Tips For Packing on an African Safari

Mesmerizing, vast landscapes, majestic wildlife and the golden African sun – a safari trip to Africa is like no other.

For the adventurous traveler, there are game drives, safari hunting and hiking trails to satisfy the daredevil in you. But what are the essentials needed to ensure your African safari trip is a comfortable experience?


Here’s a brief guide to prepare for your trip to the awe-inspiring wildlife of Africa.

Bring Along Clothes That You Don’t Mind Leaving Behind

Heavy luggage could get in the way of fully enjoying the destination you’re touring. This is especially true when you’re out on a safari trip as you’ll find yourself traveling via light aircraft, moving between camps and doing a great deal of walking. Free yourself of unnecessary luggage by packing in less clothing, and even leaving clothes behind as you travel from one destination to another. This allows for more souvenirs.


Keep Clean With Handy Wet Wipes

Be sure to add wet wipes to your list of essentials. Traversing the African Safari means that you’ll experience different environments. There’s no doubt that you’ll gather dust or even mud during a game drive or hike.


Plastic Zip Lock Bag For Essentials

Weather conditions are unpredictable in the wild. Essentials such as sunglasses, journals, keys, etc. are bound to get dirty, or even damaged. Placing important items in a plastic zip lock bag could prevent it from getting wet or gathering dust. Better yet, it’s a great way to easily locate your essentials.


Prepare With Extra Camera Equipment

When it comes to traveling, particularly when navigating the scenic terrains of the wild, you need to be extra prepared. There’s nothing worse than not being able to document your journey, especially when surrounded by so much scenery and wildlife. When it comes to digital equipment, it’s imperative that you’ve packed a spare battery and memory card. While most travellers advise that you shouldn’t be too focused on photographing your trip, as you’ll miss out, there’s nothing worse than returning home with no memories and moments to show.


The above guide merely mentions a few things you should consider. Proper attire, sunscreen and a big floppy hat are amongst some of the other essentials that should be included.

After all, great planning and preparation results in an astounding African safari experience.