Tips to Manage Family Travel

Tips to Manage Family Travel

For some, traveling to a large city with children can seem overwhelming and perhaps a bit unnerving.

However, you can drastically minimize the stress and actually have the best summer ever with a few simple travelling tips.


Arrival Day

Your arrival day should always be kept plain and simple. Basically, everyone will still be a little tired from the trip, so taking it easy for the day will have everyone refreshed and ready to go. Try going to the park or maybe to a Farmers Market for food and crafts.


Set Limits

Having a lot to do in one day can spoil all the fun. Instead of rushing about trying to keep a certain schedule, try going to one attraction per day. That one, no-one feels overwhelmed and you can take small breaks throughout the day to do other things like shopping, having lunch and taking bathroom breaks.


Don’t Forget the Snacks

Snacks are mandatory when you are touring and sightseeing. Bringing your own snacks while touring the city will save you money and the time it takes to stop and go out to eat. As well, snacks offer your children a healthier option when they need an extra energy boost. Try bringing fruit, vegies, dip, nuts and other nutritional superfoods.


Start the Day Early

It is best to start your day early that that you can avoid the crowds and long lines. In addition, starting early gives you more opportunities to do other things in the afternoon. In fact, afternoon picnics and time on the beach are a great way to sit back and enjoy the day.


Always Take Breaks

Feel free to relax and take a break, never feel obligated to try and see everything. Your children also need breaks away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Generally a nice break can involve a drive in the country, visiting a museum or sightseeing at a local botanical garden. If you’re using a destination planner, make sure to choose activities or locations where you’ll get a good amount of down time and won’t always feel like you’re running to and fro.



Consider taking a variety of transportation options. Not only does it add excitement and fun to your trip but it allows you to see the city in different perspectives. Try taking the train, a city or tour bus, a river cruise or even walking.


Eat Like the Local People

Instead of eating at the typical food chain restaurants, dine at the local favorite hide outs. Don’t be afraid to ask around. People generally love to talk about their city and are more than happy to tell you their favorite place to eat. Chances are; you will discover some amazing food. Remember, many cities have a specialty food that they are famous for. Take for instance, Paris and their divine chocolates and rich sauces, Chicago with their Sicilian pizzas and New Orleans with spicy Cajun food and festivities, such as Mardi Gras.


Hopefully, the above advice has been helpful to you and has better prepared you for your next big city trip.

Whether or not it is New York City, Paris, Beijing, or wherever else your passport might take you in this world, just take it easy—relax and enjoy.