Tips for Kids and Babies on a Plane

Tips for Kids and Babies on a Plane

Traveling is not easy, especially if you are traveling with your family – that means much more responsibility and planning. If you have a little baby along then it can be tough.

Here are some tips if you’re planning to fly with your child:

Politeness goes a long way

A toddler can easily become cranky during the long flight, and hence he may vent it out by crying or slightly misbehaving. Many parents let this go and are not aware that other passengers may be getting disturbed. The baby cannot apologize so they have to, and they should – not only does it let the other passengers know that you’re aware of their discomfort it can also garner some sympathy instead of just looks of annoyance.


Proper planning

When making reservations let your agent know that you’ll be traveling with an infant who will need a safety restraint as there can be restrictions about where it may be placed. Usually it goes on the window seat so it doesn’t block other passenger’s access. Get seats on the front of the plane if possible as that part is less nosier and vibrates less which means your child will not get too discomfited too much.

Bulkhead rows are ideal as it eliminates the possibility that a toy will land on another person sitting in front of you.


Pack Extra Supplies

This is in case your flight delays or your trip becomes longer than you originally planned due to some circumstance. If you don’t have extra supplies you’ll suffer -  for example, imagine that your flight makes an unscheduled stop someplace for a night and do not allow you to have your luggage, and if all your supplies are there and nothing in your carry on, then you’ll be in for trouble. So it’s always a great idea to keep your infants supply nearby.


Protect your kid's and baby’s ear

During descent and takeoff give them a pacifier to suck on – this will relieve pressure on their ears so that no unpleasantness bothers him/her. For older kids, give them a chewing gum or some other sweets to chew one.


Buy a ticket for your baby

This is the golden rule for traveling; buy a ticket for your baby. It may be tempting to think that you’ll save money if you keep him/her on your lap or gambling that there will be an empty seat beside you, however this is not advisable. Buying the extra seat is well worth it these days, when many flights are full. And evidence suggests that "lap children" are among those most likely to suffer injury or death in the event of an accident or severe turbulence (this is going a bit extreme but facts are facts).


Traveling with baby can be difficult but it’s not like that it can’t be done.

All you need is a bit of patience and planning.