Tips for a Great Summer Trip around Europe

Tips for a Great Summer Trip around Europe


Maybe you have been waiting for this moment for many years and now… it’s finally here. A summer where you travel around Europe to see all those famous landmarks, to meet people from all over the world, to speak those Spanish words you’ve been practicing for such a long time and to eat and drink everything that Europe has to offer.

I would like to give you all my insights on what to see, which free festivals to visit and where to sleep to make this the best summer ever.


What to see in Europe:


Beaches can be found all over Europe, but I would like to suggest a more off the beaten track option…the Silver Coast. The Silver Coast is situated just north of Lisbon province where you can find authentic Portugal together with stretches of golden beaches that seem to go on forever, picturesque villages where you can have the most amazing food and beautiful scenery. 
And it’s great for activities like surfing on the best and unspoiled waves of Europe, sea kayaking, horse riding or biking.



In Europe there are different mountain ranges to choose from, the Pyrenees between France and Spain, the Scandinavian mountains in Norway and Finland and the Carpathian mountains in Eastern Europe.  But the most famous are the Alps in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The Alps stretches for approximately 1200 km and the highest mountain is the Mont Blanc with 4810 meters. I can give numerous of places you could go to enjoy the beauty of the Alps. But if I have to choose I would go for Interlaken in Switzerland. A small village in between two stunning lakes and surrounded by impressive mountains. And summer time is perfect to explore the beautiful surroundings of this scenic village.


Culture and heritage:

History and stories behind heritage places have always intrigued me. You can find castles, ruins and historical towns all over Europe so you have multiple options to choose from. But hereby my three favourites:



Neuschwanstein in Germany, a massive castle on a breath taking location. I know it’s not a real off the beaten track option, so try to avoid the big tourist herds by going during lunch break or late afternoon. And buy your entrance ticket online to skip the long waiting lines (


Ancient city of Pompeii:

The ancient town of Pompeii in Italy was destroyed by an eruption of the Vesuvius and gives a good example on how the people lived two thousand years ago.


Historical town:

Ronda is located in Andalucia in the southern part of Spain. Ronda sits on a plateau of a large rock outcropping. Set in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge.


Which Free Festival to visit:

Belgrade Beer Festival

Serbia - August

The name says it all and what’s not to like about beer?! There’s no need to say that a wide range of foreign beers and domestic beer brands are offered (it is pretty important though). Thanks to its sympathetic character, lots of famous bands and music groups are dying to perform at the festival. And the best of part of it is, it’s all for FREE! (except the beers)


Summer Carnaval in Rotterdam

the Netherlands - July
Every year multiple Dutch groups sign up to perform in a Carribean parade with lots of colour, Carribean music and drinks. Summer Carnaval is one festival not to miss when you’re tripping around Europe.


La Tomatina in Bunõl

Spain - August

This festival is about throwing tomatoes at each other. That’s right. Every year the town of Buñol attracts around 30.000 people for a good old fashion food fight. Because the town can’t hold more people, you need to buy a cheap ticket which will cost you around €7,-.


Stonehenge Festival

(Summer Solstice Celebration) - June

Next to the famous, ancient stones, a festival is organised every year to celebrate that the sun is on its highest point. And I can say it’s a magical experience to begin your summer with. Bring your own tent, your own beers and food and enjoy a stay at Stonehenge!


Fringe Festival

in Edinburgh, Great Britain - August

The Fringe Festival turns Edinburg into a cultural, innovative en vibrant city. There’s a wide variety of shows is available on this festival which is the largest art festival in the world! Most of the shows ask for a small fee or donation.


Where to sleep in Europe

You’re almost on your way to have the Perfect Summer trip. But we do have some suggestions to make your trip even better by sleeping in the best Summer Hostels of Europe.



Praia da Tocha in Portugal

The hostel offers you the possibility to have a great surf experience at the uncrowded waves of the Silver Coast. If surfing isn’t your thing? You are more than welcome to enjoy hiking, kayaking or one of the other activities along this stunning coastline. 


Sunset Destination

in Lisbon, Portugal 

Their roof terrace has majestic views over the Tagus river and if that sounds great, imagine taking it all in from the cool retreat of the sunflower filled rooftop terrace with swimming pool! 


Casa Caracol

Cádiz in Spain

This hostel is specialized in atmosphere and good vibes. Casa Caracol - meaning snail house - is a laid back, relaxed hostel and the perfect place for an unforgettable summer stay. Try the yoga classes, learn how to make an Indian dish, join the BBQ's or lay down in a hammock.


Oasis Backpackers’ Palace

Seville in Spain

This oasis in the middle of the centre in Seville has an easy going vibe, a beautiful rooftop terrace with an amazing view. On hot days a dip in the pool is the perfect way to cool off after a day in the city.


Meet Gardalake Hostel

in Italy

Talk about Italian hospitality. The Meet Gardalake Hostel is a little pearl right next to the famous Garda Lake with its beautiful small villages and astounding surroundings. The place is new, vital, with stunning views and an incredibly nice staff and owners. 


Hedonist hostel

Belgrade in Serbia

When you enter this perfectly located hostel in the absolute city centre of Belgrade, you will be welcomed by the most friendly staff. Set in a house with a beautiful green garden where it’s easy to relax, get to know other travellers and to lit the BBQ at night.


Casa de la Musica

Budapest in Hungary

This colourful hostel reflects the spirit of the people who work here - Bright , happy and full of soul. Through the summer period the staff brings out the large inflatable pool on the terrace so you can enjoy your beer poolside. Ohlala!


Siesta hostel

Sopot in Poland

Imagine hammocks, a huge summer garden with fruit trees and a central location only 'just' of the main party stream. If you're looking for a day at the beach it's just a 8 minute walk to get there.



Berlin in Germany

Relax on the rooftop terrace with summer bbq's or cool your heels at the cheap 24 hr bar. The friendly staff will always make themselves available to you and share the underground secrets of Berlin. 


Lucky Lake

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

This outdoorsy camp-style hostel is located in the Dutch countryside near a big lake and within 30 minutes from Amsterdam. The outdoor area is chilled and has a great atmosphere and you can go on a canoe trip in the nearby lake or use the bikes to explore the natural surroundings.

It would be great to hear what you’re going to do this summer and what will make it unforgettable.


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