Tips for Experiencing Dubai’s Night Life

Tips for Experiencing Dubai’s Night Life

If you are planning to visit Dubai, do not forget that there are many places to visit and activities to indulge in at night.

While the colorful lights and the stunning looks of Dubai makes it an ideal place to enjoy nightlife, another reason why you should explore Dubai at night is because of the cooler weather. The temperature drops after sunset in this desert city, making the trip more comfortable for tourists.


Dubai’s Night Life

1. Desert Safari

Desert safari is not a day but a night affair at Dubai. This safari begins in the evening and ends at dawn. Ride on a camel over the sand following the moon or lay under the starlit sky, feeling the cool breeze.

Tuna dancing and belly dancing goes to a different level at the night camps of Dubai while henna painting and dune bashing are the other activities that you can enjoy here. Relish a barbeque dinner under the open sky and sleep in a Bedouin-styled desert camp to feel the real luxury of the deserts.

This desert safari comes to an end with breakfast and coffee- all in the true Arabian style.


2. The Dubai Fountain

There is no denying the fact that fountains come to beauty during night. The Dubai Fountain is not an exception; this is the largest fountain in the world, located just outside the Dubai Mall.

The sound-water-light show takes place at 6.00 PM sharp, every 10 minutes; till 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends. Hence, just grab a spicy snack from the nearby food stalls and enjoy the grand water show of the world.


3. Cruising

Want to have some special moments with your loved ones? Cruising under the cool moonlight might be the best option for you.

The traditional dhows have been turned into restaurants and these take you through the mirrored waters of Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. Witness the beautiful Dubai skyline with its cluster of lights or satisfy your taste buds with Arabian delicacies and high quality drinks; some restaurants also have facilities for entertainment like music and dance.


4. Yachting

Dubai is also home to several luxury yachts where you can not only dine and organize parties but can spend the whole night, basking in the bliss of a night on the water.


5. Clubbing

Nightlife at Dubai bustles with excitement due to the presence of numerous clubs and casinos. Along with mouthwatering food and drink, these are great places to tap your feet to fast music under a rainbow of lights.

Some of the best known clubs of Dubai include Apartment Lounge, Zinc, the Roof Top, Kasbar, Cavalli Club, Bahri Bar and the Irish Lounge. Dubai is very strict regarding drinking and driving and hence during club hopping it is advisable to move around in cabs.


6. Sightseeing

Tourists love to move around the city at night and hence several tourist agencies arrange for night rides through the city. Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Burj Khalifa are some of the must-visit places of Dubai at night.


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