Tips to Enjoy the Eurotunnel Experience

Tips to Enjoy the Eurotunnel Experience

Before buying that train ticket to London that immerses you in the unique experience of crossing the Eurotunnel, we have some tips for you that will make this an unforgettable trip.

The adventure begins in Paris...

...Or in Lyon, Marseille, Barcelona, Toulouse ...

The same network of trains that will take you from France to England in just 2 hours and 20 minutes from the French capital, is also known for an excellent connection with southern France and the rest of Europe. Being able to travel by train in Europe and to reach different cities of Spain and France in the same time is definitely an advantage. Don’t miss this opportunity.



The city of light has an undeniable charm and so don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate its famous dusk, flirtatious cafes and breathtaking views.

For the latter, we dont just recommend climbing the 1665 steps of "the big lady" (as Parisians call their famous tower), instead focus on the city's views from the Tour Montparnasse at sunset. You may wonder, why? Because from the Eiffel Tower you cannot appreciate the views of the Eiffel Tower itself, obviously.


A Stop in Lille

Between Paris and London we still have a city that you should definitely visit. An eminently university city and in constant development, Lille is the perfect mix of  the European, British and French capitals.

This stop on the road is justified by panoramic views such as those offered by the Gran Plaza, whose architectural heterogeneity will transport you to different times thanks to the monumentality of each of its buildings.

Other spaces such as its amazing Gothic Cathedral, whose facade seems abruptly interrupted, or its citadel, will have you postponing the moment of departure to England.


Boarding in Calais

The great gateway to the Eurotunnel is much more than just the port of embarkation for England. Dominating the Channel we find a dynamic city from which to appreciate its medieval past and its undoubted future as a contemporary city.

We should not miss the opportunity to admire the sculpture that the great Rodin painted in front of the town hall, or to make purchases in one of its many shopping centers, since, although the time taken in crossing from Coquelles to Folkestone lasts only 35 minutes, when arriving at the English coast you will notice the increase of tariffs.


Lose Yourself on the Cliffs of Dover

You probably know well what you are going to find in London: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus ... dynamic and charming districts such as Notting Hill, Greenwich Village, Camden... museums such as the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Tate Modern... plans are endless in the English metropolis, all of them highly recommended.


Therefore, our recommendation is that you take the trip back from the coast of Dover so that, before bidding farewell to "the perfidious Albion", you have an image of its other face, the most rural and natural side, perfectly represented by the enormous cliffs of white magic flanking the coast that greets France, face to face.


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