Tips for Dealing with Vacation Anxiety

Tips for Dealing with Vacation Anxiety

Maybe your spouse and your boss have been insisting that you take some time off. Maybe you realize you need to slow down, refocus and get a different perspective.

But what if on holiday you experience the same worries, FOMO, and panic that you feel in your everyday life? It may be worse, as you add to your concerns the fact that you are not home to take care of everything!

It sounds like you have vacation anxiety.

If you find it hard to take a break, even while on vacation, consider these ten tips on how to get over the stress of trying to de-stress.

1. Cut Down Your Wish List

Sometimes a packed vacation schedule can create more anxiety than staying at home. If you only have one week to see a country, you may find yourself scheduling dozens of excursions, early morning sightseeing, and over-ambitious itineraries.

Who wants to come home more exhausted than when they left?

Try to keep your expectations realistic You can never see all the sights, so why not choose the few that you really want to see?

By prioritizing, you can take your time and leave your schedule open for surprises or naps.

2. Check E-Mail Only Once Per Day

It can be difficult in this hyper-connected world to get away from the constant stream of email, social media, Facetime chats, etc. But productivity actually depends on taking a break sometimes from all of these electronic demands on our attention.

If you cannot get away to a place completely without Wifi, try putting your phone or tablet away except for one period each day. Check your email once in the early morning, then lock it up!.

Few jobs are so critical that they cannot do without you for a few days.

3. Schedule a Massage

Schedule some relation into your trip. If you are staying at a nice hotel or resort, book a massage. If you enjoy a round of golf or a solitary bicycle ride, make sure that is on the itinerary.

Even if you are on a vacation with family, this is your time too. Stake your claim and make sure you leave time for something that rejuvenates you.

4. Delegate Responsibility

Vacation is the time to get away from responsibility, so make sure you assign your tasks to someone you can trust to take care of things. At work, let people know you will be out and to communicate with one of your colleagues. At home, get a trusted relative to take care of the pets and the house so you don't worry.

You may be surprised how smoothly things go in your absence!

5. Consider Herbal Aids or Medications

Anxiety and panic attacks are real medical conditions. If you take medications for them, make sure you pack what you need in your hand luggage so you have access to them whenever you need them.

You may want to try some relaxing supplements or aromatherapy. Lavender is often a soothing fragrance.

Recent studies of cbd oil and anxiety show that this substance, taken either orally or topically, can help people who suffer from fear of flying, panic attacks or other issues. Just make sure when you travel that you are not visiting a destination which may give you a hard time about this substance.

5. Avoid the News

The daily newspapers and news reports can have a strong detrimental effect on your peace of mind. The problems of the world will not get worse if you disassociate from the news for a few days.

Focus in your family, food and fun for a while. You can catch up on the news when you return to reality.

6. Don't Bring Valuables

Being in an unknown place can trigger some people's anxiety. You may get nervous that you do not have the control you have over your belongings that you do at home.

Luckily mobile phones can now hold all the information you need, including electronic boarding passes. You don't have to worry too much about misplacing anything important if you store the pertinent information on your phone.

Use the hotel room safe to store your passport and other valuables. Leave expensive jewelry at home, so you do not have to worry about it.

7. Talk about Your Feelings

Part of being on vacation with your loved one or extended family or friends is the chance to reconnect. Sometimes in the hurly-burly of daily life, we lose track of the people who care about us most.

If you feel vacation anxiety creeping up on you, express your feelings to someone you trust. They may be able to talk you off the ledge, or at least distract you from those emotions.

Your relationship may grow even deeper as you learn you can express your anxiety and the people who love you will still love you- or love you even more!

8. Try Something New

Stretch yourself while on vacation. You will make amazing memories, and you may even be able to put your former anxieties in proper perspective.

Try zip-lining! Stare into the jaws of a lion while on safari!

By trying new things, you gain confidence. You realize you do not need to be scared of the little things, and you open yourself up to new experiences.

9. Exercise

Experts have long known that exercise can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depress.

Vacation offers the chance to experience exercise in a new environment. Get your blood pumping with a hike through a national forest, surfing, or bicycling along a beautiful road along the seashore.

10. Breathe

Yoga and meditation are also great ways to calm anxiety. You can join in organized classes at a resort, or spa, or engage in them by yourself. No equipment needed!

By oxygenating your body and learning to regulate and calm your breathing, you may find that the anxiety melts away.

Vacation Anxiety: Don't Let It Spoil Your Holiday!

It's not always so easy to put aside the stress of jobs, family, and bills, even when you are taking a vacation in a beautiful place. If you experience vacation anxiety, rest assured that you are not alone.

By taking care of yourself, unplugging, and giving yourself literal time to breathe, you can let yourself relax and actually enjoy some time off.

Keep checking back for more tips on making the most of your travel time.


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