Tips for Choosing a Short Stay Apartment in London

Tips for Choosing a Short Stay Apartment in London

Irrespective of whether you are visiting London on a business trip or simply to explore the art galleries and museums, booking a rental apartment is easy. An obvious option is space Aparthotel for a short stay. 

However, it would serve your interests better if the following points are kept in mind.


Minimum Period

There are certain minimum periods of stay in a flat or apartment. Be clear how many days you will stay in London and accordingly plan the accommodation.


Communicate Well

Make it a point to convey your duration of stay in London to the landlord concerned or the booking representative with whom you are dealing with, so as to avoid extra charges later.


Advance Booking

Try to make your bookings at least 4 to 6 months in advance so that you can choose a location of your liking. This can help you to find a place well within your budget of accommodation.


Choose a Reliable Agent

Be careful while choosing your agent so that you get the best short stay apartment in London, which is fully furnished and air-conditioned. The stay should also ensure basic amenities such as provision of a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, laundry as well as furnished rooms and a bathroom.


Wi-Fi for Business

In case you are a business visitor, check the list of facilities includes a Wi-Fi connection. This will aid your stay by connecting to the outer world and enabling business related communications through the internet.


Dealing with an Agent

The golden rule about dealing with the agent for booking a London short stay apartment is to get all details of the accommodation you are trying to book. Secondly get information about the person who will be in contact with you during your stay in the city. This is important in case you are making reservations online. This will add a certain credibility to your deal and come handy during your trip.


Follow the Tips

Finding appropriate short stay apartments in London is not a problem if you follow the points mentioned above. So go ahead and find an agent who can provide you a suitable short stay London apartment, in a location of your choice, at the best possible prices. Do not forget to check that the agent you choose is reputed and has a good client-portfolio.

There are many Letting Agents who will be marketing quality self-catering homes and professionally managed serviced apartments as short term rentals in London. All the short stay apartments in London are conveniently located in central London locations that are close to public transport facilities and shopping areas.