Tips to Choose the Right Camping Tent for Your Trip

Tips to Choose the Right Camping Tent for Your Trip

1. Enough Size - Not Too Tight or Too Large

You should know exactly how many people will take the trip, more specifically the number of people who will sleep in the tent to buy a tent accordingly. Many people think that the trip is short, stay one night so do not pay too much attention to the size of the tent. This is wrong because after a long trip, if you do not rest easy, you will quickly exhausted the next day and it is difficult to complete your trip well.

The fact that sometimes a tent for 4 people usually only meets the needs for 2 people to use the comfort of sleeping needs and containing personal items. So you have to consider the actual width and height of the tent. But do not choose a large tent for group trips to take a camping trip alone.


2. Be mindful to Designs of Tents for Sale

On the market there are 4 basic types of tents are A-shaped tents, umbrellas, arches ... depending on your preferences and uses you choose the appropriate tent. Some tents are designed to have many doors, if you go camping, you can consider these types of tents to easily move without affecting others.


3. Notes on Small Details and Accessories of Camping Tents

The large camping tents for sale are a whole lot of small details that you need to note:

  • Pillars, joints: When buying a tent you should ask to look at the sample or sprung right in the store to check the tent has a strong stand, the joints connect easily and tightly. If you are not satisfied, you can change to a more suitable tent.

  • Fabric material: Most tent fabric is usually nylon coated fabric to waterproof, so the weight will be heavier than regular fabric.

  • Therefore, you should consider choosing a thick or thin fabric for easy transportation. After use, allow the tent to dry thoroughly before rearranging and regularly use disinfectant to prevent tent from being "attacked" by mold.

  • Zippers / zippers: Small but very important details, remember to apply lubricant regularly to help the zipper operate more easily.


4. Note When Using Camping Tents

Before you go, you should learn to assemble the tent immediately to get used to using the tent, and to make sure the tent is not damaged anywhere. Most tents have a warranty in case of damage, you keep the bill so you can get a free warranty on the purchased picnic tent.

Some usage tips you should keep in mind:

  • An extra layer of waterproof tent fabric should be used on the ground to make sure your tent area is not dirty and cold when lying on wet soil.

  • Always lock zippers at tent doors to prevent spiders, mosquitoes and other insects from entering the tent.

  • When closing the tent door, it is helpful to put a small light inside the tent.

Finally, after use is the preservation of the tent for the next time. You should not wash the tent with a washing machine or detergent to avoid damaging the nylon coating outside the tent fabric. You should clean according to the instructions of the manufacturer to use the tent for longer.