Tipping Tips for Golf Lovers

Tipping Tips for Golf Lovers

Before you grab a golf club and head out to the course, there are a few things you need to know that goes beyond the rules of the game.

Golf comes with its own set of etiquettes. For instance, certain Dallas golf clubs may have specified golf attire that may be different from the dress code recommended by a California club.

However, certain things like tipping, follows a few universal rules. Like many other places, you are expected to pay a gratuity even at a golf club. Unfortunately, unlike a restaurant where you pay the gratuity right at the end of the meal, a golf club needs you to pay the tip in several stages.

If you don’t know these yet, keep reading.


Valet Parking

If your preferred golf club offers valet parking, your tip for the service should be the same as you pay in a hotel or a restaurant. That means $3 is the baseline amount.


Bag Drop

Your golf bag is supposed to be quite heavy, isn’t it? This is why golf clubs offer the bag drop service, their equivalent to hotel bellhop. An attendee will take your bag and place them on a cart to take it near the play area. The standard tip for a bag caddie ranges between $2 and $5, depending on the quality of the golf club.



A starter in a golf course maintains the tee sheet, and guides players to the first tee in an orderly and appropriate manner. Usually, this service doesn’t involve any tipping. However, if you’ve abruptly landed on the club without any prior notice, you need to have a chat with the starter to inform about your preferred tee times. If he is successful in providing you an ideal time, a generous tip of around $20 is expected in return.



Caddies are a crucial part of golf. They make it easier for golfers to play a round and therefore, it’s important you treat them right. A knowledgeable in-house caddie can greatly improve your game by offering valuable tips about the course. Know about the tipping protocol when you hire a caddie for the day. In general, a golfer is expected to tip his hired caddie at least $50 to $70 for the indispensable service.



If you have arrived with a group, you can choose to hire a forecaddie. Forecaddies keep a track of the game of the entire group and help them move around the course in the right manner. A collective tip ranging between $60 and $80 is advisable.


Food and Beverage Cart

Every standard golf club in Dallas has a clubhouse to appease the appetite of golfers. Tip as much as you tip in a normal restaurant. In case you’re availing the service of a snacks and beverage cart that drives around the golf course, a nominal $1 tip can be presented after making a purchase.


Cart Return

When you’re done with the game, golf cart drivers take you and your golf bag and drive up to the villa or the car park. At times after dislodging the items from the cart, they clean your club sticks along with cleaning the cart. If they do, tip the driver with a $5 bill.


Tipping is a part of golf etiquette. Although there are many levels where you need to pay, thankfully there is not much to remember. Why? Because the rule remains the same whether you are in a Dallas golf club or a club in San Antonio.

Don’t be intimidated with all the money involved, because rarely will you find a club that offers all the services mentioned here.