The Three Worst Clubs in Barcelona

The Three Worst Clubs in Barcelona

You’ve arrived in the Catalan capital, you’ve seen the Gaudi buildings, you’ve tried the tapas and now it’s time to shake your thing in some of the local discotecas.

Unfortunately, the club scene in Barcelona is something of a Russian roulette, which ranges from the good to the relatively bad and the downright ugly.
Obviously, preference in clubs is highly subjective: one man’s nightclub trash is another man’s treasure.

The Barcelona clubs listed below, however, are three that we personally would stay in on a Saturday night for.
Jambouree Dance Club

Lost tourists straying from the Rambla are attracted to the bright lights of the Jamboree Dance Club like a moth to a flame. The Barcelona club, according to its website, is “aimed at those who like to dance and discover suggestive rhythms at the same time”. We’ve nothing against a good grind, but feel that it should at least be accompanied by some decent music and a convivial atmosphere. Jamboree Dance Club is neither, and furthermore will charge you € 10 (on a weeknight; drinks not included) for the privilege.
Any club in the Moll de Mestral

In the area of Vila Olímpica, you can find the street Moll de Mestral. Although most Barcelona locals may not know it by its official street name, it’s (in)famous for its selection of beachfront clubs. Walking down this street on a Saturday night is like walking a gauntlet of punters competing for tourists’ attention. You may be lured in by the fact that the clubs are free. Don’t be - you’ll regret it when you’re run over by swarms of 16 year olds flocking to the dance podiums.
Nick Havanna

Music is described as being “commercial and hits”: i.e. the same tired old tunes that have been dragged out at every possibly opportunity since the 80s. If you’re very drunk, you might possibly enjoy your trip to Nick Havanna. Or then again, maybe not.
What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

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