Three Locations for Adrenaline Seekers

Three Locations for Adrenaline Seekers

For some reason we're attracted to locations that scare us, call it adrenaline, thrill seeking, or just plain silly -- we like to go beyond our comfort zone and experience somewhere that absolutely terrifies us.

Travel locations for adrenaline seekers

Victoria Falls, Devil's Pool

While David Livingstone coined the name Victoria Falls, the residents had a previous name for this large wall of water in the center of Africa. They called it Mosi-on- tuna. It is water in the world's biggest single page, by the quantity and both area, and three feet will move in the precipice.
A thin strip of basalt can walk along not and to have a drop right in the fringe of the drops dive for their death, often. Each year, some people get pulled within the advantage simply because they misjudge the present.


Bolivia, Death Road

Some sights might be more threatening than stunning, but understanding the dangers make sure that they are more engaging (describe that, Darwin!). The 'Death Road,' as it is called by visitors, can be an actual public thoroughfare being used, and it's believed that 200-300 people die each year from it.
It's become popular among the excitement-seeking group of hikers that go through the Bolivian Andes. For 50 Bolivianos (about eight pounds) you are able to hire a bicycle and experience the 30-mile path while avoiding traffic while 400-foot cliff is on your right. You may also choose to consider the brand new main road. You choice.


Arizona, Grand Canyon

Of the eight natural wonders of the planet, just one is in the USA - the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River has cut through the vast amounts of years of sandstone and limestone to its current level.
Statistically, the folks that die here are probably teenagers. By jumping across the stones to take shortcuts or to pose for photographs - youthful indiscretion could be dangerous. Thousands upon thousands of people have already been there, and just around 700 have died, so your chances are very good.


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