Three “I can’t believe it’s that cheap!” Bars in Zone One, London

Three “I can’t believe it’s that cheap!” Bars in Zone One, London

If you want in on a little secret about London, it's that among the city's expensive Zone 1 area, if you know exactly where to go, you will find some surprisingly cheap drinks.

Luckily for you I have done the hard work and found the best three bars and pubs you may want to check out whilst in town!

So book that cheap hotel in London, get on a flight and see how the people of the city party!


Party Bar: Clashbar at Clink78

Set in the basement of the courthouse where the Clash were cell-bound (accused of shooting at pigeons – rock ‘n’ roll), Clashbar serves stonkingly cheap drinks: pints are £2.50 and cocktails start at £4. Prices stay low to suit the patrons of the loud and lively Clink78 hostel above, but any Londoner in search of a budget pint after work can prop up the bar.
Update: We got told that they changed their door policy and only guests are allowed to visit the bar. So consider to stay there or gate crash!  ;-)

King’s Cross
78 King's Cross Road


Traditional Pub: Princess Louise

Budget-friendly brewery Samuel Smiths supply a varied selection of old and evocative pubs in zone one, but none lovelier than the Princess Louise. Organic wheat beer starts at £2 a pint, while the restored Victorian interior sections the drinking-space into booths with individual bar access. Quirky and cheap – it hits the pub jackpot.

208-209 High Holborn


Cool Cocktails: Freud

Unlike other things big in the 80s, basement bar Freud is still around and still enjoyed, unironically, by actual Londoners… despite the tourist Mecca of Shaftsbury Avenue/Covent Garden rumbling a few feet above. Décor is industrial-cool and cocktails start at £5.50 (almost laughably cheap for this part of town), plus they’re made expertly before your eyes - no sneaky pre-mix here. Ours is a Moscow Mule, thanks for asking.

Covent Garden
198 Shaftesbury Avenue


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