Three Exciting Activities Not to Miss when Traveling in Serbia

Three Exciting Activities Not to Miss when Traveling in Serbia

Serbia is more than Belgrade and the EXIT festival.

Explore the country and enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are several ways to do so. You could just drive around or do some:

- Hiking

We visited Nis, which a city surrounded by mountains. So one day we drove to the Special Nature Reserve "Jelasnicka Klisura" where we met the guys from Nature Travel Office. They took us on a quite short walk up the hill, where we had this incredible view into the valley.

I was waiting for John Wayne riding around the corner, as the scenery would be the perfect location for a Western movie.

Though it was only a "short walk" up the hill, it was very tough. We had around 40°C and it took us around 30 minutes. It would have been smarter to start earlier in the morning and not in the midday sun. But it's rewarding when you sit in the shade, drink your water and overlook the valley.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

After getting up, you need to get down again and the way to do that is:


- Abseiling

There is the option to abseil around 40 meters on the way back. That sounds perfect, but as that part was on the sunny side of the hill, we decided to walk all the way down and first to have a break at the river and to abseil then those rocks at the bottom.

That is a perfect pick-nick spot and your feet will thank you, if you cool them in the cold stream. For the abseiling, you just have to fight yourself up a few meters before going down again. If you never done that before, it's a good spot to practice it, as it's not too high and at a wonderful spot. If you done abseiling before, it will not challenge you, but give you the chance to go up a few times and do it all over again.

It's only a short drive of around 20 - 30 minutes to get there. The guys from the Nature Travel Office also offer other activities. Just check their website:

We stayed in the Art Loft Hotel in Nis, which I can highly recommend. They only have a few rooms, so that you should make sure to book ahead of your stay. Each room got a different name and each is decorated unique by local artists. It's positioned in the centre, so that you can walk everywhere.  The place is cozy and offers a good value for money. Price for a double room is between € 50 - 70 incl. breakfast and free WiFi.


- Kayaking

Serbia in summer can get very hot and instead of walking up hills, you should not miss to enjoy the sun on a canoe. We visited Novi Sad and as I love the Danube River, it's the spot and the perfect river to explore by canoe.

A region looks so different from the moment you see it from a boat. But by boat, you usually stick to the main waterways and that's where a canoe comes in very handy to even show you more.

Danube Rafting got a functional catamaran river house boat, which can get you up stream a bit. We stopped on a sand bank and first had a refreshing swim in the Danube River and then jumped into our canoes. I prefer kayaks, but a canoe is a good option, especially if you haven't done this kind of activity before. You will go zig-zag a bit, and probably also have your little "discussions" if you do it with someone else. You will also go zig-zag by your own, but the discussions will look different and you might win those. Just for info, the one in the back is the captain and is in charge of the direction. So if you don't go straight, blame him.

You should definitely not miss the opportunity to explore the Danube River on a canoe!

Head into the side arms and you will feel like in another world. You will not believe that just around is the big (and beautiful) city of Novi Sad.  Stay quite and you'll see and hear a lot of bird life. You can stop any time and dip into the water, just make sure that your canoe is safe on land, as there is a current and you do not want to loose your "vessel".

I recommend to paddle first up stream. That way you can float down back to the main boat, if you should get heavy arms.

Don't forget to bring suncream, sun glasses, dry clothes and maybe a hat. If you have a waterproof bag, also bring this one, so that you can bring your camera. The crew will not be able to provide one and you should not miss the opportunity to take photos to remember that great experience when you are back home.

A day tour costs € 25 per person and includes the logistics (house boat), paddling training on a canoe or kayak, rental of a kayak/canoe and lunch on board. Find more info on their website:


Travel tip shared by Melvin for Traveldudes.

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