Threads of Experiences - Woven for Lifetime during Ladakh Trekking!

Threads of Experiences - Woven for Lifetime during Ladakh Trekking!

The roads- natural or man-made, constructed or unmade, concrete or pebbles, curvaceous or straight have a lot to show and hide opportunities to explore; trekking is one of the golden keys that unlock the treasures of Nature laid on such a path.

The location of one such treasure is Ladakh, which proves its worth a hundred thousand times and more, even when the trip made is only once in lifetime.

Ladakh, a region of Jammu & Kashmir (J & K) has made its reputation in proving itself rough and harsh and still casting a certain charm that is irresistible with adventurous spirit. The undeniable pull is the most palpable spark that keeps spirits ignited while snow trekking in Ladakh.


Some of best experiences in your life waits here:

On Frozen River

Chadar trek’ (Frozen River Zanskar) is known popularly as one of the most challenging, not because of the journey itself but because of the weather conditions and temperature (going down to -35°C) in which it is undertaken. This is the route locals take when the others get blocked due to ice because the journey has to be made.

Now this necessity has taken the shape of adventure for people not familiar with the ways of mountains and they are having their share of adventure doing that. At 3850 m, this is not the fiercest of treks but most certainly carrying somewhat a novel idea of walking on frozen mass of water which could take 11 to 20 days.

The precarious ways Nature works with in loose ice beneath foot, uncertainty of ice-slide, sudden rise in temperature that threatens the trek jeopardizing even life sometimes, etc are the aspects adventurers love to witness on trips with Ladakh Chadar trekking (www).


Tso Moriri Lake

‘Tso’ refers to ‘lake’ in the name; and this name refers to one of the elegant water beauty of Ladakh in the region Changthang. Avifauna finds their home in what is formally known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. 

At 4595 m, where becoming a part of the high altitude is more difficult than imaginable, this lake exists- a Nature’s splendor. Stretched 19 Km in length and 7 Km in breadth, the lake is located 240 Km from Leh.

After remaining frozen for a long time of year, its ice starts taking the free flowing form of water beginning from April, completing the transition in May and getting the most tourists in the months of June, July and September. October being the last month to get the visitors is end of the trekking season as well.

The wonder of the journey is revealed all through the trekking and to the destination; a feast for the eyes.


In Markha Valley

A desert landscape with rivers crossing the paths, Zanskar Range meeting the eyes and high passes making trekkers realize the endurance they have got themselves into are some of the signs that the valley has most certainly welcomed the human presence. 

The trekking route can be seen dotted on the map but this doesn’t at all depict the glory of the place with maximum altitude of 5150 m. Spituk, reached from Leh, is the place to get started.

As the trek is covered in the duration of 6 to 9 days during June to October depending upon the route taken to accomplish it, the beauty unfolds itself gradually in places like Zingchan, Rumbak, Yurutse, Ganda La, Skiu, Markha, Thochuntse, Nimaling, Kongmaru La and Sumdo.

The Markha Valley trekking tour is known for its feature of versicolor. Don’t miss it for anything!


In Nubra Valley

Here with maximum altitude at 5400 m, waits the chance to meet eye to eye with the highest cold desert of the world and its special treat- a chance of seeing and riding rare double humped or Bactriane camels.

With mild weather with scanty rainfall that only seem to tease the place and the lives staying here, this place has a history of trade across borders. A glimpse of Indus valley, the monasteries it holds dear, some of the high passes including Khardung La, Lasermo La, etc are going to accompany the trekker for all his life after the 15 day trekking spend here.

Own life once and for all on this trip - it is one of a kind!


In Ladakh Zanskar

As the name suggests, an all encompassing experience in Ladakh is on its way for the duration of 30 days or more, journey being subjective to weather and acclimatization. The journey could start either from Manali to Leh or vice-versa, depending upon which idea clicks better.

At maximum altitude of 4470 m, getting a culture shock and surviving it could be practiced witnessing Ladakhi people fighting and winning every single day of their life under the refuge of Buddhism. Meanwhile during the months of June to October, witness rocks, River Zanskar, mountains, meadows, lakes, desert, valleys (like Kangra, Lahaul, Indus, etc), mountain passes (like Sir Sir La, Singge La, Prinkti La, etc) and many other wonders of Nature on Ladakh Zanskar trek.

Every moment passing in this unknown but original place weave numerous memories in a thread that trekkers wear in their minds forever. Get your thread and make it as beautiful as it could get in your possession while trekking in Ladakh Zanskar!