Things You Need to Know on a Trip at Sea

Things You Need to Know on a Trip at Sea

Australia is renowned for its marvellous beaches, fine sand and sunshine.

Naturally, you would want to take a closer look yourself and while you can access lots of beaches along the coasts without ever stepping your foot on a water vessel, landlubbers should definitely consider taking a cruise to one of the many pristine islands.

Such a cruise might not be for everyone, though.

So to get a clearer picture of what it entails into your mind and prepare you of what’s to come, I’ve compiled a small list of tips for you after which you hopefully will decide on taking a tour at sea because it is highly recommendable. And that is a landlubber speaking.


Don’t Eat While Vessel Is in Motion

Sounds like a no brainer. When the water is rough, the ship or boat is in motion and the wind is roaring, it is an unwise thing to sit outside and eat from your plate. Whatever is on it will decide to leave for whiter shores and you might be left embarrassed about littering pristine nature. Thus, I advise you to step inside once the vessel is set in motion.


Take Your Medications with You

Rather self explanatory, so if you have some kind of medical issue, make sure you’ve got everything on board. There are no pharmacies out on the sea. Also, if you are easily or potentially sea sick, purchase necessary pills beforehand. It might be possible to buy them onboard but the prices can be horrendous.


Can You actually swim?

No, you don’t have to be able to swim to partake in a water cruise. It is, however, advisable not to go snorkeling if you can’t. Just saying. You'd be surprised how many people want to snorkel but can't actually swim.



I had never snorkeled before my trip and thought I would make a complete fool of myself. I was actually not half bad and while my first attempt ended in me having consumed a considerable amount of saltwater through my mouth, eyes and nose.

Ultimately, it’s pretty easy. You just put on your stinger suit, rub in the fog spray on your googles, rinse them, put them on, take away stuck strands of hair, pull tighter and out in your snorkel and your fins on and off you go moving your straight legs up and down.  Tilt your head 45° so that there is no danger of water entering the snorkel. But if water gets into your mouth or glasses, just toss it out again and continue.


Hang on

The waters can be super smooth and gentle as you float by on your vessel but chances are they are not and then you have to hold on tight. But keep your fingers away from any ropes because they are probably attached to the sails or some other strong ship parts and can easily hurt you very badly.


Don’t Electrocute the Boat

Being a travel blogger, one of the first things I did when boarding the ship – apart from getting the paparazzi on – is to look for a power point. There most definitely are some free ones, but a word of caution here. Some boats have problems with foreign adapters and might indeed short circuit. So better ask the crew whether your phone might or might not ruin the day’s enterprise.


Have you ever been on a sailing trip and if so, what did you learn that struck you the most?


Very informative tips.