Things you might like to do in Alice Springs' surrounding nature

Things you might like to do in Alice Springs' surrounding nature

Alice Springs is in the centre of the outback. Therefor you'll get some travel tips here, what you might like to do:

- Thorny Devil, Alice Springs Desert Park Reptile Exhibit

- Sunset outside town

- Stargazing - Alice Springs is in the middle of the largest land area without lights on earth, so the view of the Milky Way is unmatched unless you're on a dark boat in the middle of the ocean. Anyone from the city stopping on the road just out of town at night and tipping their head back is likely to fall over from the sheer shock of all those stars. Astronomy is popular in town; there's even a cafe devoted to stargazing: the Milky Way Cafe.

- Alice Springs Desert Park located outside of town is truly memorable in its examples of local flora and fauna. They give a number of interesting lectures, such as aboriginal use of local plants for food. The nocturnal exhibit is excellent, a very low-light building with offset day and night schedule to induce the nocturnal critters to come out during the day so people can see them. The best time to go to the park is early morning, before it gets hot; you can spend a full day walking the trails, going to the birds of prey exhibition where they fly the local aerial predators overhead, and getting the bushfoods and medicine tour.

- Reptile Centre, Examples of the local reptiles and one NT croc specially imported, on display by the guy the locals call when something with fangs is in the kitchen.

- Olive Pink Botanical Garden - A desert botanical garden. Doesn't bloom much, but if you happen to get here after a rain, it's a really nice spot. Bring your sunscreen. There's a biography at Dymock's on the life of the lady it's named after, Olive Pink.

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