Things You Didn't Know About Barcelona

Things You Didn't Know About Barcelona

Barcelona is a wondrous city, with countless landmarks and attractions. Teaming with history, the city has many interesting facts and stories to tell.
Here are just a few...

Things you didn't know about Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia has taken longer to build than the Great Pyramids

The complicated design by the famous Architect, Antoni Gaudí, has taken over 200 years to complete, with an expected finish date of 2026. To put that into perspective, the Egyptian Pyramid of Giza took 20 years, India’s Taj Mahal took 21, and the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris took 182 years to complete.

Barcelona is one of Europe’s greenest cities

Barcelona has roughly 18.1 square meters of parkland per resident; that’s roughly a garden for every local person. Covering more than 10% of the city, there are 68 parks in total, with Montjuïc topping the list for largest in size.

Barcelona is the first and only city that received a royal gold medal for architecture in 1999.

The Royal Gold Medal for architecture has been awarded annually since 1848 by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Although it is usually given to one or a group of architects, Barcelona became the first and only city on the planet to receive this honour in 1999.

The engineer that designed the Eiffel Tower originally intended for it to be in Barcelona

French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel originally intended for his famous tower, which was marketed as ‘scrap metal’, to be temporarily placed in Barcelona. However, the city deemed it too radical and unattractive, thus resulting in it finding its home in Paris.

Barcelona is the Best Beach City in the World but Barceloneta beach is fairly new...

National Geographic hailed Barcelona as the Best Beach City in the World but did you know that prior to the 1992 Olympics, Barceloneta beach barely existed. The coast was a mess of factories and shipping warehouses until the government launched a makeover in order to prepare for the games. The industrial buildings were relocated and thus began the process of adding sand to the coast, as well as building the hotels, bars and restaurants that you can see today.

The shopping hub Portal de l’Angel is not only one of the most expensive streets in Spain but it is also the country’s busiest walkway

An average of 150,000 people walk down Portal de l’Angel daily. Most days, this bustling shopping street sees around 3,500 pedestrians per hour, so if crowds aren’t your thing, we advise avoiding it on Saturdays and public holidays.

Barcelona is home to the largest football stadium in Europe

Covering a surface area of 55,000 square meters, FC Barcelona’s home, named Camp Nou, can hold up to 99,354 people and is not only the largest association football stadium in Europe in terms of capactiy, but its the second largest in the world! Furthermore, plans are underway for a newer version…Nou Camp Nou!​

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